Download the Centralized Meter Record Application and How to Use

Centralized Meter Record App – Hello, on this occasion we will discuss Centralized Meter Record App. For those of you who don’t know about this application, you can read this article to the end.

Meter Record App

This application was created to make it easier for PLN field officers to record consumer electricity meters digitally. The officer sends the kilometer data automatically to the Central PLN.

The Centralized Record Meter Application is an Android-based application that is specifically for PLN officers to record electricity meters. Field officers are required to Download the Centralized Meter Record Application to make the job easier.

As a state-owned business entity, PLN provides the best service for citizens. In addition to providing free electricity during the pandemic, PLN also makes applications specifically for field officers.

Therefore, this application cannot be used by the public. Only special accounts for PLN officers can use it.

Download the Centralized Meter Record Application and How to Use

Centralized Meter Record App

How to Download & How to Use the CMT Apk

Download the CMT App cannot be used publicly, as described above. Those of you who want to download this application must have a special account for PLN officers. After that the officer can access this application.

For those of you who are not members of the PLN officers, you can’t use this application because it requires your identity as a PLN officer.

Below is how to download and use it PLN CMT App ;

  1. Look for the official ACMT website at
  2. Enter your account username and password.
  3. After that click login.
  4. Finished. The CMT apk will download immediately.

CMT PLN Android Application Features

Below are some features of the Android Meter Record Application that you can know.

  1. There is unread consumer information.
  2. There is information about abnormalities such as load KWH, backward KWH, and max LWH.
  3. There is information on consumer arrears.
  4. Data and files are in the form of photos directly and sent to an online server.
  5. History stand meter.
  6. Can check billing accounts.
  7. Receive meter stand.
  8. Displays a list of balances.
  9. Send billing information via sms.
  10. Recap meter stand.
  11. KWH usage recap.


That’s all we can talk about CMT Apk on this occasion. Hopefully useful for you, good luck and see you next time.

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