Download the JMO Application (BPJSTKU) Jamsostek Mobile Latest Update

Download the JMO Application – we will share the JMO (Jamsostek Mobile) application link at the end of the article. So it’s good to see ya

In this all-online and digital era, an application plays an important role in life, so now it seems as if we can’t live without applications that are made to support a more advanced life.

Both in terms of finance, health, work, entertainment, and many other aspects, the application at hand does play an important role in human life today.

The JMO application or which stands for Jamsostek Mobile is a replacement application for a similar service called BJSTKU.

Using JMO will make it easier for workers who need similar services without the need to go to a branch office.

Previously, users used a service application called BPJSTKU, now the application has changed to the name JMO.

Including an application made by the government so that its people get access to their data easily without the need to be complicated, namely an application about BPJS funds or commonly known as the BPJSTKU application.

JMO App Overview

Lately there has been some panic experienced by BPJSTKU users when the application suddenly changed its name and changed to JMO, so that residents were confused about what really happened.

However, if we look carefully, in the application there will be an explanation, if BPJSTKU has changed its form and name to JMO.

Thanks to the Jamsostek Mobile (JMO) application, it is now easier to disburse Old Age Security (JHT) claims for participants from the Social Security Organizing Agency (BPJS) for Employment or BP Jamsostek.

The JMO application, which has been operating since September 2022, accommodates the needs of BPJS Employment participants regarding the application for disbursement of the JHT balance with a maximum balance of Rp. 10 million. The condition is that participants have updated their data in the JMO application.

Quoting BPJS Employment information, Tuesday (02/11/2022), participants will easily make disbursements on the spot or one day service. Then it is paid without having to come to the BPJS Employment office.

JMO is an abbreviation of Jamsostek Mobile, the government changed the name by providing new features that are much better and more efficient than its predecessor, the BPJSTKU application.

So what’s different from the past? more simple and new features?

JMO Jamsostek Mobile Application Features

JMO is officially present in the playstore on August 31, 2022. Judging from its age, it has only been 3 days old, but because of its position as a substitute for BPJSTKU, this application was not created from 0.

Changing the name on the application, of course, is not just to be replaced, but there are developments and progress of features that are much better and more complete than the BPJSTKU application.

The excellent feature that is very useful in JMO this time is taking pension funds which is not as complicated as it used to be, you don’t need to leave the house at all, or upload documents and so on, because once you claim, the pension money will be transferred directly to your account.

On this occasion I will share how to use the JMO Jamsostek Mobile application along with the download link. JMO or Jamsostek Mobile replaces BPJSKU. As a replacement for the previous BPJSTKU application, BPJS Employment has developed the Latest JMO 2022, which is a digital application whose functions are almost the same as its predecessor BPJSKU, but there are additional new features.

Maybe many of you still don’t know latest app this. For that we will provide a complete explanation here. Read the explanation below to the end to ensure that no material is left behind and that there are no misunderstandings. Just click on the link below to access the debate.

So what are the features in this JMO application? Jamsostek Mobile comes with various features, including:

  • Data Update
  • Submitting & Tracking JHT Claims
  • JHT and JP Balance Simulation
  • Balance check
  • Digital card
  • Service Channel Location
  • Promo
  • News
  • Complaint
  • Report
  • Benefit Information

Download the Latest JMO Application 2022

To be able to download JMO is very easy, because JMO is already present in the playstore, so you can download it directly from the cellphone that you each use.

Just type in the word search field JMOthen Jamsostek Mobile will exit and please tap install to be able to use the application.

If you have difficulties and doubts about which application is original, or maybe when looking for it there is another application with the same name, please click here

How to Login and Register for Mobile Jamsostek

As we stated earlier, if JMO is a substitute for BPJSTKU, then you can directly login using the same login data as BPJSTKU.

Both email and password will be well integrated between BPJSTKU and JMO. So you can just log in with the same email and password data.

However, if it is your first time using the Jamsostek Online application and previously did not install the BPJSTKU application, you must register first, here are the steps:

  • Download and install the JMO application,
  • Open then select Create Account
  • Select nationality then tap Next,
  • There will be questions Have you registered as a BPJAMSOSTEK participant?then just choose according to reality, we assume you have registered and choose YES if not select Not yet,
  • Then there will be a choice Wage Recipient, Not a Wage Recipientand Indonesian Migrant Workerschoose according to you,
  • Next, you will enter your personal data, and enter your personal data according to the actual conditions so that there are no errors in the incoming data, including email and cellphone numbers,
  • Please wait for verification, and do the verification to create a new password for the JMO application,
  • Finished

How to Check Balance in the JMO Application

With the new update, of course the user interface or appearance of the JMO application will be different from the BPJSTU application, but to check your BPJS balance, you don’t need to be confused.

Because the method is very easy, you can follow these steps:

  • Open the application, then login with your personal data,
  • On the start page of the application there will be writing Pension plan,
  • Tap on the text, then select the option Balance check,
  • You will see a pension balance that you can withdraw later when you retire.

How to Disburse JHT BPJS Employment through JMO

  • Open the JMO app. If you don’t have it yet, download via Google Play Store or App Store;
  • Login by entering the email and password that has been registered with BPJS Ketenagakerjaan;
  • After appearing to the main page, click the “Data Update” menu;
  • Then your BPJS Employment membership data will appear;
  • If all the data is correct, you just click “Already”;
  • Next, you will be asked to verify participant data. Such verification includes verification of your facial biometrics;
  • If you have clicked “Next”;
  • Fill in the contact data which includes mobile phone number and email address;
  • Enter your NPWP data and bank account/ When finished, click “Next”;
  • Fill in your residency data; Fill in additional data and emergency contacts;
  • Furthermore, the data that you entered during the data updating process will be displayed;
  • If it is correct, click “Confirm” The data updating process has been completed, you just have to click the “Old Age Guarantee” menu;
  • Then click “Claim JHT” If you have fulfilled the requirements for the JHT claim, you just have to choose the reason for submitting a claim;
  • After that, your membership data will appear. If it is appropriate click “Next”;
  • You will be asked to do facial verification;
  • Then your JHT balance details will appear and click “Next”;
  • Finally, a display will appear regarding confirmation of JHT claims.
  • If it is appropriate, click “Confirm” and your BPJS Employment JHT claim submission is complete.

The JMO application or Jamsostek Mobile is the official application platform for BPJSTKU users. So if the BPJSTKU application that was previously used has been changed the application to Social Security Mobile.
This latest JMO application itself has a more attractive appearance and features that are quite useful.

With the launch of the online Jamsostek application as a substitute for BPJSTKU, the government hopes that its people will find it easier to access the BPJS services they participate in, good luck

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