Download Video Snack Videos Without Watermark

download video snack videos without watermark – in this article the admin will explain how to download video snack videos without watermark. Surely you are no stranger to this video snack application. If you download videos from the snack video application, there must be a watermark, right? So, if you want to download videos without a watermark, keep reading the article below.

First of all, the admin will explain in advance what is meant by a video snack application. Snack video is a short video social application or what is called a short video. The popularity of TikTok made by Byte Dance has made other companies, with the same origin, namely from China, being moved to create competitor applications. Then this application was born, namely Snack Videos created by a company from Beijing, China, called Kuaishou Technology which is backed by internet giant Tencent Holding as an investor.

Kuaishou and ByteDance are two of the biggest performers in the short video. According to the Qianzhan Industry Research Institute Institute, the businesses the two companies earned more than 100bil yuan last year were in China.

Snack Video itself has only entered the Indonesian market a few months ago. Snack Video limits video footage to 57 seconds, slightly shorter than TikTok’s 60 seconds max. Even though they are new players, they are immediately speeding.

download video snack videos without watermark

At this time the video snack application was listed as the most downloaded application by Android users. Since the emergence of this application, many active users in Indonesia to millions of active users.

As an application for entertainment, this video snack has a unique algorithm. The video snack algorithm expands the boundaries of each user’s interests to avoid repeating existing content and information.

What’s even more exciting is that this video snack application provides an opportunity for users to participate in current programs and at the same time have the opportunity to win prizes or become popular stars in the snack video application.

If you already know more clearly about this video snack application, just discuss how to download video from snack video the. Many good videos and you can download. Now if you download videos through the application itself, there will be a watermark. The watermark must really annoy you, right? So, for those of you who want to download video snack videos without watermark. Here’s how:

Download Video Snack Videos Without Watermark

  1. First of all, you must have a snack video application first, then open the Snack Video application that has been installed on your smartphone.
  2. Then you find the video you want to download, then play the video until it’s finished.
  3. If you have played the video to completion, then you exit the Snack Video application and open the file manager on your smartphone
  4. Then please enter the settings menu in your smartphone’s file manager and make sure the System file is not hidden.
  5. Next select internal storage and select the Kwai-video-bulldog file
  6. After that you select awesome cache and select cache_v2.
  7. Now the last step you click select Media. Later you will see various files in the media folder. Then you just need to change the file in the format
  8. If you have changed the file in mp4 format, then move the video to a really safe file so that it is not easily deleted.
  9. Done

Well that’s the way todownload video from snack video without watermark. If you can already do that, you will definitely be more comfortable when watching the video because there are no more distractions, namely watermarks.

download video snack videos without watermark

In addition to this admin, the admin will explain the live features in the video snack. Well this feature is one of the advantages of the application. This Snack Video application presents the latest feature, namely the live streaming feature which may be very useful for users to interact directly with other users in the application.

With this feature, it is definitely very useful for users of this application to be more famous throughout the world. You can also share this live stream with other users.

Every user of this application can subscribe to other users if you want to watch the live streaming content of these users. You can also send a gift in the form of love, like, star, or balloon as a symbol of support if they like the live stream.

So that’s the explanation of the best features in the snack video. This live streaming feature is very exciting so that users of this application continue to grow. So if you are interested in this video snack application, you can download it right away, who knows here there are those who have not used the video snack application.

If you want to create very interesting content but you are confused about how to make content, the admin will teach you how to make interesting content. now here’s how to create interesting content :

  1. The first is by means of live streaming.

So if you want to be known and have more relationships, you can do this by live streaming. The trick is that you just mix the types of content that many people like. For example, you can do stand up comedy, magic actions, or you can also do silly but healthy and safe things.

  1. The second is with you guys doing comedy.

You can do comedy and you can edit the video like memes or quotes too. Or you just make quotes and edit them with music, good filters, which are in the video snack application. You only need to edit, editing is also quite easy.

Well that is an idea to create interesting content. Hope this idea can help you. That’s what the admin can review in this article, basically, you guys definitely understand how to download videos from this snack video application without a watermark. It’s quite easy if you read it correctly.

The admin wants to give you advice, if you want to download the video that is in the video snack, you better give permission first. Because if you spread the video to everyone and the video creator doesn’t accept it, it can be a long business. The important thing is that you ask permission first.

Okay, that’s all admin can explain about download video snack videos without watermark. I hope you are satisfied with what the admin explains in this article. Thank you for visiting

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