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Whatsapp Aero 11.60 (WA Aero ) For Android & iOS Anti Banned 2022

WhatsApp Aero

Presence Whatsapp Aero also enliven the application that has been modified with the addition of several features that are not in the original version. Previously we have discussed together about another application, namely MB WhatsApp. Of course, the two applications are not much different, both in terms of features and main functions. However, this time it is more user friendly, meaning it displays an easy-to-understand interface.

The Whatsapp online messaging application cannot be separated from the life of daily social interaction. The many interests to establish communication as well as for business purposes make it the main application that must be on Android and iPhone devices. Even though it already has many interesting and useful features, especially free, it still doesn’t satisfy some users. This is what causes the modder, as the developer of the modified application, to add features that do not exist in the official version.

The presence of WA Aero which was developed by Bozkurt Hazarr includes new ‘stuff’, which was only launched in 2022. Even so, the developer is always active and reactive to always make updates. This is an effort to increase the number of users and for their satisfaction. The latest feature added from the latest version of Whatsapp Aero is anti-ban, where they claim that using the mod application is safe to use.

Features of Whatsapp Aero Latest Version

Until now, the version of this WA mod application has reached version 11.60.5. By looking at the latest version, we can conclude that the developers are really serious about maintaining and updating the applications they make.

Similar to RA Whatsapp or other mod applications such as MB Whatsapp, the modified apk from Aero also provides almost the same features for the convenience of users. In addition to anti-ban which is the newest feature, here are some other advantages and advantages if you use WA Aero, but make sure you use the latest version, OK!

Download WhatsApp Status

Already know that the status on the official version of the Whatsapp application cannot be downloaded? Of course it’s a shame if you find unique and interesting videos from other users, but can’t save them in memory. Well, if you use Whatsapp Aero as an application installed on your smartphone, you can freely and freely save any status from your contacts.

Various Interesting Themes Available

Bored with the official WA look that is green and white? Of course you have to accept it as it is right? Throw away your boredom by using this one mod application. where there are lots of themes that you can get to change the appearance of the online messaging application. interestingly, you can use it for free without any cost.

Hiding Online Status

For those of you who want to become a ‘ghost’ by being invisible while online, the modified version of Aero is perfect for use. The reason is, one of the features that you can use is to be able to hide online status. So you can freely ‘roam around’ without being noticed by other contacts.

Remove Blue Tick

When you read an incoming message, a blue tick icon will appear on the sender’s contact. This means that they already know that the message has arrived and has been read. If you don’t reply immediately, surely there will be a bad feeling right? Yes, if the position is not busy at that time, what if it’s the other way around? The feature to remove the blue tick from Whatsapp Aero might be the answer. Also read: Download Beyond Live Apk & How to Watch Beyond LIVE for Free 2022

Lock Chat

In terms of security and privacy, the modified version of Whatsapp is always superior when compared to the official version. If you can only lock the application from the HP features that are used, it is different with WA Aero which can lock messages from certain contacts, so it is safer and not known to other people who are having fun.

Many Choices of Stickers

Tired of the same stickers on official apps? The solution remains the same, namely by using a modified WA as provided and developed by Bozkurt Hazarr this time. there are many interesting stickers from the categories of humorous, romantic, animals and well-known anime cartoons.

Other Main Features of Whatsapp Aero

Not only limited to the features above, there are several more that you should know, including below!

  • Anti pull message
  • Can send larger files
  • View status without being noticed
  • Hide status
  • Sending a blank message
  • Backup and restore easily and quickly
  • Set privacy

Download the Latest WhatsApp Aero

There is no need to evade if you are interested in one or more of the features above. Therefore, we have provided the latest WhatsApp Aero download link with a myriad of features offered. Here are some details and links that we have provided!

APK Name Whatsapp Aero
Version 11.60.5
Size 44 MB
Developer Bozkurt Hazarr
Download Link

How to Install the Latest Version of Whatsapp Aero

Next, please install it on the device you are using. But before that, you must first delete the application from the original version so as not to interfere with the installation process. Next, please follow the tutorial we provide below!

  1. Allow installation from unknown sources by opening the menu ‘Settings‘ => ‘additional settings‘ => ‘security and privacy‘ => ‘unknown source‘ or ‘unknown source‘.
  2. Right at the last position, you slide the toggle or check next to the words ‘unknown source’.
  3. Return to the mod apk file that was downloaded earlier.
  4. Open the file by tapping on it, then select ‘install‘ in the pop up message that appears.
  5. After that, the installation process runs automatically, please wait for it to finish.
  6. Then, open the application and login using the number that was previously registered.

That’s the discussion of Wa Aero Whatsapp Aero 11.60 latest version 2022. Hopefully it helps

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