Download WhatsApp Clone Apk 2022

Download WhatsApp Clone Apk

Download WhatsApp Clone Apk – WhatsApp Clone is a modified application that can be used to clone official WhatsApp numbers, so that they can be used on 2 different devices at once.

Of course this will make it easier for users who want to access their accounts from other devices.

This application is equipped with various interesting features that are not in the official or original WhatsApp application.

Because all Modified applications, including WhatsApp Clone must have been added with new features that are not in the official application.

Discussion Download WhatsApp Clone Apk

However, WhatsApp Clone is an illegal application, because it was developed by a third party and will not be available on the Google Play Store.

Apart from having interesting and advanced features, WhatsApp Clone is also very easy to use and that is what makes it attractive, so it is widely used by smartphone users.

The existing features can be used by all users easily and quickly, to support the communication process.

Given that WhatsApp Clone is a Mod application, it must be used with care, guys, so that you can avoid getting banned or blocked.

Well, here we will share a full review of downloading WhatsApp Clone Apk, which can be learned before use.

Download WhatsApp Clone Apk

1. Featured Features of WhatsApp Clone Apk

Download WhatsApp Clone Apk
WhatsApp Clone Apk Featured Features

As explained earlier, the WhatsApp Clone Apk has several excellent features that will not be found in the official WhatsApp application.

The excellent features of WhatsApp Clone Apk are as follows:

1. Account Clone

Account cloning is the main feature of WhatsApp Clone, which functions to access one WA account on two different devices.

How to clone a WA account with this application is also very easy, because users only need a QR Code from the associated account.

After the account has been successfully cloned, WhatsApp can be used to communicate as usual, such as sending chats, video and phone calls, status updates and more.

2. Story Saver

In addition to cloning accounts, WhatsApp Clone also has another feature that is no less interesting, namely Story Saver.

The Story Saver feature allows users to download stories created by WA contacts easily and quickly.

Because the official WhatsApp application does provide special features for users who want to share moments through stories.

3. Direct Chat

The direct chat feature is useful when you or other users want to send chat messages without having to save the number of the person you want to call first.

With this feature, the process of sending messages can certainly be done more quickly and easily, because all you have to do is write down the message you want to send and send it as usual.

2. The advantages of WhatsApp Clone Apk

Download WhatsApp Clone Apk
Advantages of WhatsApp Clone Apk

Just like other Mod applications, which have several advantages and become the main attraction, so people really want to use it and so does WhatsApp Clone.

Some of the advantages of WhatsApp Clone Apk include:

  • Can use the old account, so there is no need to register or create a new account.
  • When sending messages, users do not need to log in using their WA account.
  • Can connect to WhatsApp Web Fast easily and quickly.
  • Sending photos, videos or other files can be done easily, because users only need to enter their cellphone number.
  • Videos and photos from WhatsApp stories can be saved easily and quickly, with just one click.
  • The process of sending and downloading files is very fast.
  • The screenshot results can be directly shared to several social media accounts such as FB and others.
  • Chats can be opened directly with unknown numbers.

3. How to Download WhatsApp Clone Apk and Install

Download WhatsApp Clone Apk
How to Download WhatsApp Clone Apk and Install

Given that WhatsApp Clone is not an official application, it is certain that the application will not be available on the Google Play Store.

So to download it, you have to go through a special link on the internet and all the processes must be done manually, guys.

Whether it’s the download or install process and you can follow the method or steps that we will share.

Before downloading the application, you should know the specifications of the WA Clone first, so that you can prepare Android that is compatible or compatible with the application.

While the specifications and how to download the WhatsApp Clone Apk and install it are as follows:

1. WhatsApp Clone Apk Specifications

  • App Name: WA Clone
  • Size: 39 MB
  • Version: V5
  • Compatible: Android OS 5+

2. How to Download and Install WhatsApp Clone Apk

  • The application can be downloaded via the following link (Download WhatsApp Clone Mod Apk).
  • Then give permission to install third-party applications first.
  • After that, go to File Manager then select the download folder and look for the apk file from WhatsApp Clone.
  • Then enter the Settings menu to grant installation permissions.
  • Then go to the Settings menu> Security and privacy and put a check mark in the Unknown Source section.
  • Automatically, the permission to install apps from unknown sources has been done successfully.
  • You can go back to the download folder where the application files are stored.
  • To start the installation process, please click the application icon and wait for the process to complete.
  • The application and all its features can be used immediately, after the installation process is complete.

4. How to Use Featured Features After Successfully Downloading WhatsApp Clone Apk

Download WhatsApp Clone Apk
How to Use Featured Features After Successfully Downloading WhatsApp Clone Apk

WhatsApp Clone is known to have several excellent features such as WhatsApp clone and direct chat and these features can be used by all users.

With these two excellent features, chat or communication can be done more easily and quickly.

For how to use the superior features after the WhatsApp Clone Apk download process has been successfully carried out, it is as follows:

1. How to Use the WhatsApp Clone Feature

  • Open the WhatsApp Clone application that has been successfully installed.
  • After that, pay attention to the top menu in the application and select the WA Clone feature, to start the WA account cloning process.
  • An image of a QR Code that serves to grant access to other devices will be displayed.
  • Use another device to scan the QR Code and make sure the device you are using is still using the official WhatsApp application.
  • Then open the QR Code scanner service available on the device then point the camera at the QR Code image on the other device.
  • Wait a few moments, until the scanning process is successful.
  • If the process is successful, a chat panel will be displayed and you can use it as you wish.

2. How to Use the Direct Chat Feature

  • Open the WhatsApp Clone application that is already installed on your Android smartphone.
  • You will then see a selection of features that can be used on the main page. Please select the Direct Chat feature and directly enter the foreign number you want to contact.
  • An inscription that is “Open Chat for WhatsApp” will appear, after the feature is accessed.
  • Then enter the number you want to contact in the column provided then click the Direct Chat WhatsApp button.
  • The application will immediately process the command you give and wait for a new chat page to open.
  • You can immediately send messages as you wish, after the chat is open.

5. Tips for Safe Using WhatsApp Clone Apk

Download WhatsApp Clone Apk
Safe Tips Using WhatsApp Clone Apk

WhatsApp Clone is one of the more popular Mod applications, especially among the millennial generation.

If you are interested in this application, it’s good to know the security system and how to safely use it.

However, WhatsApp Clone is an illegal application that is vulnerable to banned or blocked actions, guys.

So users must be careful when using it, so that the WA account remains safe and so does the data in it.

In addition, you must also have a clear reason for using this application, so that its use is more directed and it is recommended not to use it too often, to avoid risks.

Here we share some tips or ways to safely use WhatsApp Clone Apk that can be applied, including:

  • Avoid sending chats continuously or excessively on one destination number, when using the Direct Chat feature. Because this can trigger account blocking guys.
  • Use the features in the application only and avoid using other features.
  • Avoid sending report messages or feedback on the application.
  • Use the application when needed or in urgent conditions only.
  • Do not put a check mark in the Keep Me Signed In option, so that the account is not signed in automatically.
  • Please delete the application after use and install it again when it is used.

The final word

Thus a brief review of the WhatsApp Clone Apk that you can learn before using.

WhatsApp Clone can indeed provide many advantages and ease of access for all its users.

However, it must be used with care, to minimize the worst risks such as permanently blocking a cellphone number.

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