Download WhatsApp Lite Apk (WA Lite) Latest Version 2022

Download WhatsApp Lite Apk (WA Lite) Latest Version 2022 – The WhatsApp application is currently the most popular chat application in the world. The application, which has been acquired by Facebook, already has more than 1.5 billion users worldwide. Apparently there is a new WA application called WhatsApp Lite APK.

WhatsApp does have many useful features, so this application is quite heavy to run on phones that have low specifications. If the HP used is still a potato, of course this is a problem because it will consume storage space.

For that in this article we will show you the WhatsApp Lite application that you can use on cellphones that still have low specifications.

The features available in this application can already run features without ads and there is also a media sharing feature of course. However, one of the drawbacks of WhatsApp Lite is that it does not have an optimal data protection function.

For that, you can use it as an alternative application to replace your official WhatsApp application. If you are curious, please refer to the review of the article that we will provide below.

WhatsApp Lite at a glance Apk

WhatsApp Lite or what is known as WA Lite is a WhatsApp application that has a very light size compared to the official version. This application is only 18 MB in size, of course with this small size, it does not require a lot of smartphone storage memory.

This WA Lite application also has various features, which will not be as complete as those on YoWhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus. This is because WhatsApp Lite aims to make applications run smoothly on potato phones.

Behind the many advantages, this application still has drawbacks that need to be overcome in order to improve its performance.

This application is designed for WhatsApp users with low-end devices. WhatsApp Lite has a small file size so it doesn’t take up any storage space on your cellphone and saves on quota usage.

If you are interested in using WhatsApp Lite, here we will provide information about the features available in this application.

WhatsApp Lite Mod APK Functions

Despite the name Lite, which is small and light, WhatsApp Lite Mod APK still has a variety of cool features for you to use on your cellphone.

WhatsApp Lite doesn’t have great features like other versions of WhatsApp, but it still has features that are quite useful for you users. Then what are the features of WhatsApp Lite. Here are some of its features:

Anti Banned Features

When you use an application developed by a third party, of course it makes us worry that you can get banned. Because this third-party application is an unofficial or illegal application.

However, by using the latest version of WhatsApp Lite that we will provide, you don’t have to worry about getting banned, because there is an anti-banned feature in it.

Create a WA Story with a Longer Duration

Many WhatsApp users want stories with cool and interesting videos. However, the video story is not long, because you will not be able to make the video into one story.

For this reason, many WhatsApp users are disappointed because WhatsApp only limits 30 seconds for one story. But by using this application, you can create stories with a long duration.

Other Advantages

In addition to the features above, apparently there are still many uses for this WA Lite application, please see the explanation below.

  • Can remove the tick icon when there is an incoming message.
  • Can delete status items in WhatsApp options.
  • You can change the display in the gallery to dark.
  • You can change the WA Lite theme according to what you like.
  • The notification icon present in the status can be changed.
  • An application that is light and very stable when you use it.
  • Can be used to send large files up to 250MB.
  • You can extend the duration of the status up to 48 hours, whereas usually on official WhatsApp it is only 24 hours.
  • Create to make long status videos without cropping.
  • Just swipe to record the desired sound.
  • You can hide the name in the status area.
  • You don’t need root access for installation, etc.
  • The file size is very small so you don’t need a large amount of RAM on your phone.
  • Turn off the audio.
  • Hide notification status.
  • Change subject.

Download WhatsApp Lite APK Latest 2022

You can read the details and details of the WhatsApp Lite application in the information column below. If you are sure that you want to download the latest WhatsApp 2022. Please refer to the following complete information:

App Name WhatsApp Lite
APK Size 10 MB
New version Newest 2022
OS System Requirements Android 4.4+
Active User 6,000,000+

If you are interested, please download this WhatsApp Lite application right now by downloading via the link the following right now.

How to Install WhatsApp Lite Mod APK Latest Version?

This WhatsApp application installation tutorial is very easy for you to do. The following are the steps you can take to install the WA Lite APK application.

  1. First, please download this WhatsApp application via the link we have provided above.
  2. After the download is complete, now please delete the original WhatsApp first, actually you can still maintain your official WhatsApp, but if it makes RAM full, you can uninstall it.
  3. Now all you have to do is change the smartphone settings, this is so that the WhatsApp application can run properly.
  4. The way to do this is by logging in to Settingsthen select security.
  5. You just activate the option unknown source.
  6. Next, you click install the application file by clicking the file that you downloaded earlier.
  7. Wait for the installation process to run to completion.
  8. Next, don’t forget to log into your WhatsApp account by logging in using your phone number on the previous official WhatsApp.
  9. Later there will be a notification for data backup.
  10. If so, you can restore your data on this WhatsApp.
  11. Done and now you can use WA Lite easily.

Closing admin recommends WA Lite because this application has a fairly small size compared to the official version. This application is only 18 MB in size, of course with this small size, this application is very light and does not require a lot of phone memory.

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