Download Windows 11 Wallpaper Free

Download Windows 11 Wallpaper Free

Windows 11, Microsoft’s next desktop operating system has been leaked online today. It flaunts a new widget center, an updated Start menu, and other new features. There’s even a new startup sound in Windows 11. That’s not all. There are also some new wallpapers for Windows 11 in the leaked build.

Glow, Flow and Sunrise are just a few of wallpaper category new Windows 11. To give you an idea of ​​​​this new wallpaper, in this article we provide several wallpapers as well as download links. The entire set of Windows 11 wallpapers can be downloaded via the URL provided below.

Windows 11 at a Glance

Let’s start with Windows 10, which came out in 2022. Microsoft stated at the launch of Windows 10 that this would be the last Windows update. They will also continue to improve Windows 10 with regular updates. Since then, all Windows 10 users have been using the same layout, without any significant changes over the years. Users are clearly tired of using the same Windows for a long time. Every year, Apple and Google improve their operating systems, and Windows lags behind in this competition.

According to the leak, Microsoft is finally listening to what fans have been asking for years. As a result, they are gearing up to release Windows 11. As of now, it’s just a rumour, but since we got this leak from a reliable source, we hope it’s all accurate. Windows 11 will be the most significant update in years and will no doubt increase the confidence of Windows users.

We will see substantial UI changes in Windows 11. Rounded corners for all tabs, new interface for Windows, widgets, new wallpapers, improved animations, new Windows settings, new Start menu, and many other improvements will be included in Windows 11. True or not, We don’t know yet because Microsoft has not publicly stated anything about Windows 11. As you know, Windows 11 has a new wallpaper, which you can download here.

Microsoft has always supported good wallpapers. In Windows 10, we even receive a lot of wallpapers. Although Windows wallpapers differ depending on the PC manufacturer, there are some Windows wallpapers that can be found on all Windows devices.

The same can be said about Windows 11 which also has two cool new default wallpapers, along with sixteen theme wallpapers and six lock screen wallpapers. You can see the screenshot below.

Windows 11 Wallpaper Screenshoot

Download Windows 11 Wallpaper Free-1

Notes: The images above are just wallpaper screenshots and are for representation only. The screenshot is not in original quality, so don’t download from the image. Use the download link given in the download section below.

Windows 11 Wallpaper Download Link

As you know Windows 11 is not yet officially released, we cannot say that these leaked Windows 11 wallpapers are official. And after the official announcement, we will share more Windows 11 wallpapers if they are available on the OS.

Here’s a link to download Windows 11 wallpapers for free. Currently, there are two Windows 11 wallpapers with the same design but in light and dark versions. Both Windows 11 wallpapers are available in 3840 x 2400 resolution.

Downloads: Windows 11 Wallpaper Free

Once downloaded, go to the Downloads folder, select the wallpaper which you want to set on your smartphone or PC. Open it and tap on the three-dot menu icon or right-click to set it as wallpaper. There he is.

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