EarthFund Club Money Making Apk Really Paying

EarthFund Club Apk – this time we will provide detailed information about the Earth Fund Club Money-Generating Application that you can try to make money in it. But is it really proven to pay? Check out the full explanation of this article.

EarthFund Club, a money-making application, you can easily find on the internet with different missions or tasks.

Sure enough, if the money-making EarthFund Club assigns a task first to be able to make money in it.

After that, you can exchange the money easily through your bank account or E-wallet.

Usually, how to complete missions in the money-making apk is very easy and doesn’t take much longer.

However, the question is whether the application is safe and proven to pay its users?

Like the EarthFund Club application, which we will discuss at the same time this time. Through this application, you can make money easily.

How to use the Earth Fund Club application is very simple, so can the application pay its users and prove it is safe?

For more details, please refer to’s explanation about EarthFund Club apk below.

About EarthFund Club Apk

Earth Fund Club is a new money-making application that is currently being discussed by users. The reason is, this application has an investment work system.

For those of you who want to try to make money from this application, then you can start investing and earn money easily.

Earth Fund Club APK itself offers a lot of very interesting benefits and makes anyone tempted. New users who have registered in this application can get a balance of 500 thousand rupiah.

Of course a very large number, but this money will be used to complete all investment tasks. Lots of paid features in it, even though this application is free.

You have to spend money to try out all the features provided. There are so many ways that you can try to make money, so it’s not just investing.

In the Earth Fund Club application you can also invite friends to earn extra money. If you manage to invite friends, you will be given a salary of 10 thousand rupiah for 1 person.

How to Register Earth Fund Club Apk

The reason is, the registration process for this application is very easy, you can complete it quickly. For those of you who still don’t understand, then you can follow the full tutorial below.

  • First of all, please login to
  • If so, enter an active mobile number
  • After that, enter a password that is easy to remember
  • Next, enter the verification code that is next to the application
  • Finally, click Register

How the Earth Fund Club App Works

To be able to earn in this money-making application, you can do several ways. For example, when you first register for an account, you can get a balance bonus of 500 thousand rupiah.

But, unfortunately, you can’t transfer the balance to a bank account or other. Instead, it is used for capital in order to complete several investment missions in it.

If the money has increased a lot, you can withdraw it easily. So, it’s not just for investing. There are many other ways that you can earn money quickly.

Please see the details below.

  • If you manage to invite 5 friends, you can get a prize of 15 thousand
  • If you manage to invite 15 friends, you can get a prize of 45 thousand
  • If you manage to invite 25 friends, you can get a prize of 75 thousand

How to Withdraw at Earth Fund Club Moneymaking

If the mission is complete and successfully collects the money in it, then you can make a withdrawal via E-wallet or bank account. The method is easy and simple, please see the full explanation below.

  • First step, open EarthFund Club app
  • If you have entered the Withdrawal menu
  • After that, enter the beneficiary name, bank name, account number
  • And enter the nominal money that you will withdraw with a minimum of 100 thousand rupiah
  • Click Send
  • Finished

If all processes have been completed, you can make withdrawals in it. You just need to wait for the balance to enter your bank account or e-wallet balance.

Is EarthFund Club App Safe Proven Paying

There are still many users who find out about the security of the EarthFund Club application. The reason is, a lot of investment applications today are very suspicious.

The EarthFund Club app is still a newly released money-making app, so there’s no definite information yet.

Even though there is already a testimonial from a Youtuber, what you need to know is that the EarthFund Club application holds an event for the first 1000 users.

Therefore, it is still uncertain in the future the EarthFund Club application will still be paid and this application was only released about 7 days ago.

Not many investment applications only pay at the beginning. Over time, the users’ money will be taken away by them and eventually become a very detrimental fraud case.

Therefore, regarding Earth Fund Club APK, we cannot conclude about its safety in nature. And if you are interested, you should try to use it right now. If asked to spend money with the lure of investment, never try it.


Maybe that’s all we can say about Earth Fund Club Money-making that you can try, according to our advice never to spend money or other deposits. And you better be careful. Hopefully useful, thank you so much.

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