Face Tracking Effect on TikTok Can’t Be Opened? Why?

In just a few days the Face Tracking effect on TikTok had problems not opening. Why can’t the Face Tracking effect on TikTok be opened? This will be the topic of our discussion today. This is very important to discuss because TikTok, which has now become a popular application, if you experience problems with one of its features, this will be a fairly hectic problem.

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Therefore, we will explain to you the reasons why the face tracking effect cannot be opened on TikTok. Hopefully with our review you won’t be bothered by yourself because actually if you look at the error message that appears, “Your device does not support face tracking” you should already understand the problem.

However, the problem is that people whose names are +62 are of course also difficult to understand words. For example, just being asked by PSBB, they also don’t want to let alone just read an error message “your device does not support this effecthehe So you have to be willing to understand the reason why the face tracking effect on TikTok can’t be unlocked.

Why the Face Tracking Effect on TikTok can’t be opened?

Basically if you see a message that your device doesn’t support face tracking effects then you should at least learn to understand it. The name of the device then it is the device you are using. The device you are using is your cellphone. So, the meaning of the message is that your cellphone is a potato and cannot use the face tracking effect. So you will not be able to use this effect as long as your device does not support it.

Why can't the face tracking effect on TikTok be opened
Why can’t the face tracking effect on TikTok be opened?

The reason is simple, that is, your cellphone is still carrying a low end system. So the TikTok face tracking effect cannot be opened. Our advice is that you inevitably have to buy a new cellphone that carries a higher OS in order to process the face tracking effect.

It’s nothing, but the message means that the cellphone you are using does not support it if it is used to open the face tracking effect on TikTok. So, there is an implied message that your cellphone is ugly and should be sold for a new one that supports the face tracking effect.

Solution to Overcome TikTok’s Face Tracking Effect Cannot Be Opened

Apart from the problem of devices that do not support face tracking effects, we recommend that you always check for updates in the TikTok application. If there is an update, please update first who knows this is the reason why the face tracking effect cannot be opened on your TikTok.

Clearing the cache and data of the TikTok application is also sometimes an alternative troubleshooting when one of TikTok’s features cannot be opened. Just force the TikTok app to stop then clear the cache. After that don’t forget to restart the device.

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You can also try contacting the TikTok developer regarding the problem of the face tracking effect not opening on your cellphone. Ask in detail what the problem is so that the developer can answer it properly.

The last part is please sell your cellphone and replace it with a newer one. This is the right solution to make the tiktok face tracking effect try. Switch device with high Android or iOS iPhone OS. We are 100% sure it will work.


We hope that our review of why the TikTok face tracking effect can’t be unlocked was useful for you. Hope you can understand and want to understand the situation of your device.

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