FaceDAO Newest Money Making Apk 2022, Here’s How!

Facedao Money Making Apk – It’s being talked about a lot and is being searched for on the Google search engine, the Face dao application that makes money, which says you only get 1 million tokens, is this application really paying? More : Motionleap Apk Best Photo Editor 2022

in this very modern era, getting a permanent job and a large salary is indeed very difficult, there is a lot of competition and also conditions that require one to have several things to be able to get a permanent job.

but sometimes the end is still in contract work, but technological developments also help people find work or earn income from the rapid development of this technology,

one of them with the internet, we can get money through applications or anything related to technology or the internet for those who know and understand how to make rupiah coffers

like with this Facedao Apk application, now Areatrik will share the download link for this Facedao Apk application and how to get money with the application, so watch and follow this article guys,

FaceDao Apk

FaceDAO Newest Money Making Apk 2022, Here's How!
FaceDAO Newest Money Making Apk 2022, Here’s How!

in this all-digital era, it seems that it is getting easier and more accessible to a job provider or moneymaker, because there are lots of sites and platforms that offer payments for those who want to do it.

Like this Facedao application, which is currently very popular and a lot of people are looking for it on the internet, what is this application actually? and how to use it to earn or make money?

Many applications offer and provide lure such as being paid, given income or paying those who want to use the application, the lure has mushroomed on social media such as Twitter, IG and Facebook.

this time it came and went viral again, a money-making application called Face dao which said a lot that paying its users, even just by registering, the new user can get 1 million rupiah tokens in the application

Download FaceDao Money Making Apk

So, are you interested in using this application as a sideline or as a money maker from other sources which are often called passive income, which is going viral and is said to be paying for this?

Here I will share the download link for the Facedao Apk application which is currently being sought for use on Android with a link that works and is easy and can certainly access and download the application below.

Download Links:

FaceDao Money Making Apk >>>Click Here<<<

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How to Use FaceDao Apk

FaceDAO Money Making Apk

Many don’t know how the Face dao application works, and it’s also still very common for those who have never used this application or even an application that in fact is a money maker,

well below I will also share how to use the FaceDao application on Android to earn money or make money on your cellphone.

  • First you download the apk file with the link provided above
  • if you have found the apk file that you downloaded successfully in the file manager
  • Open the file and allow installation from unknown sources
  • Choose install or install and wait for the process to complete
  • if you have opened the application that you have installed
  • Next you have to register with a Google or Facebook account
  • after that you will be asked to verify that you are not a robot
  • if you have, you will enter the homepage of the application
  • Another finish: Only fans Mod Apk No Login

well if you have successfully registered, automatically the balance or token from this application will be filled or distributed to you worth more than 1 million in the form of a balance or token in the facedao application

How to Cash out Facedao Tokens Money-Making Apk

now how to withdraw or withdraw tokens in the Facedao apk application to the bank or even to the Ewallet that you are using, you need to know first before withdrawing the balance or token in this application you must meet several conditions

one of them is already registered and verified and most importantly the minimum nominal to be able to withdraw the balance or token for this application is around 10 JT rupiah so you have to do the tasks available in the application and collect the token prize

  1. First you open the application
  2. select the Profile image at the bottom right
  3. Click on the wallet section
  4. Your transaction history will be displayed
  5. Select Receive and specify the nominal and the purpose of the withdrawal
  6. verification and done More : Real Flight Simulator Mod Apk

In addition to withdrawing your balance, you can also send it to friends or other users of this application and sell it in groups if your balance is not enough to make withdrawals directly to e-Wallets or other banks.

Does Facedao Apk Really Pay?

It is difficult to explain whether this application really pays or is just a scam like other applications that previously also offered this to potential users which turned out to be just another trick: Watch Movies 17 Forever Full Movie Telegram

There is still little information and no one has shown that they can actually withdraw the balance or token in this application to another e-wallet that works, so I suggest being more careful

and also this application was once available on the playstore and for some reason it is no longer there, there is a possibility that this application is proven to be just a scam but we also still don’t know the details

so for those of you who want to use this application, you should be more careful and don’t share important personal information, especially until you topup or pay into this application, so you don’t get any losses.

if it’s just to try and prove whether this app is correct, paying for it doesn’t matter as long as you don’t give access to data or access to more Facedao apk to your cellphone so you don’t get infected with viruses or anything harmful


Looks like that’s all I can share in this article About the Facedao apk making money, Hopefully it’s useful and don’t forget to share the article Guys, that’s all from Areatrik.com Thank you and see you again in another important and interesting article..

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