FF Soap House, Here’s a Detailed Explanation

FF Soap House may have often been mentioned by survivors. But maybe some of the Free Fire players don’t clearly know what a Free Fire soap house is. Therefore, in this post, we will provide detailed information on the Free Fire soap house.

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Until this moment the number of active Free Fire players is indeed very large. This is because Free Fire is a battle royale game that is able to penetrate potato cellphones. So don’t be surprised if there are so many Free Fire players from time to time. But yes, that was the problem, not all Free Fire players know the shape and location of this Free Fire soap house.

So, so that you know in more detail about this Free Fire soap house, please try our explanation below. This will be very important because it can provide broad insight to all of you.

FF Soap House, What is it?

We begin today’s understanding with what is a soap house. The goal is that you know the shape of the soap house itself. So that your playmates direct you to immediately visit the soap house, so you can immediately find out.

FF Soap House
FF Soap House

Free Fire soap house is a box-shaped house with a green roof. This house is nicknamed the soap house because it looks like a soap box.

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This green-roofed box house not only earned the nickname the soap house but also the AR House. I don’t know what the reason is that some players prefer to call it that.

Free Fire Soap House Location

If you need information about the location of the Free Fire soap house, then it’s better if you understand the information we explain below. Here is the location of the FF soap house.

  • Equator.
  • Milky Way Strip.
  • Riverside.
  • Etc.

In general, Free Fire Soap Houses are near warehouses and wooden houses. You will definitely have no trouble finding a Free Fire soap house because it has a unique and different shape.

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That’s all the information we can convey about the FF soap house. Hopefully it can benefit you all. Of course, we hope this can be a reference for those of you who want to know complete information about the Free Fire soap house.

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