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free drakor app – in this article the admin wants to discuss about free drakor app. There must be a lot of drama lovers, especially women. In this article, the admin will share information for the free drama watching application. Listen, all friends.

drakor is an abbreviation of Korean Drama or also commonly called K – Drama, which refers to a drama film on Korean television, in a mini-series format produced in Korean.

Drama or Korean drama This is indeed often watched by young women in Indonesia, but not only young women, you know, friends, many also from the housewife camp who follow episode after episode of their favorite Korean drama or drama.

But unfortunately not all events watch korean drama it aired on local television stations. So, sometimes you have to buy a DVD or streaming so you can watch it and of course so you don’t miss an episode of your favorite Korean drama or drama. Now for the part to buy DVDs, of course, it will be a little complicated too because not all DVD stores in Indonesia provide it. Therefore, the second way, namely watching via streaming, is the most powerful way for you to get access to watch your favorite drama episodes.

For streaming, do we have to use a laptop or PC? You don’t need to bother using a laptop or PC for those who don’t have it, just armed with an Android phone you can already watch drakor or your favorite Korean drama. The method is quite simple, you only need to have one of the streaming app to be able to enjoy your favorite drama.

What are the applications that can stream and watch Korean dramas? see the following explanation:

Applications For Streaming Korean Dramas:

  1. Viu

free drakor app

This first application is called Viu, which is the most suitable Korean drama watching application for you. Because this application provides subtitles in Indonesian, you know, then this application also allows you to download content or videos so that they can be watched offline to save your internet quota. The video resolutions that you can download are SD (Standard Definition) and even HD (High Definition). This Viu application also not only broadcasts or provides tv shows, you know, but also offers your favorite movies and music shows. However, to be able to enjoy content without ads, you are required to subscribe to Viu Premium.


kocowa app

With this KOCOWA application you can stream live and latest programs from Korea featuring all your favorite Korean dramas, romantic comedies, reality and variety series. However, it seems that this application still does not provide subtitles in Indonesian.

  1. Viki

viki app

Applications that have names Viki This application not only provides television series from Korea, the application with the full name Viki: TV Dramas & Movies also provides television shows from China, Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand. With this Viki application, you can also interact with other fellow viewers by using the existing chat feature.

  1. Tv

tv drama app

The next application is Tv, this application not only provides Korean dramas but also Chinese dramas and Japanese dramas. The features of this application are also quite cool, one of which is because it provides subtitles in Indonesian.

Free Drama Watch Apps

  1. Netflix

netfix app

Application named Netflix It officially entered Indonesia in early 2022. To be able to enjoy movies or TV series that are played on Netflix, you are required to pay a subscription fee in advance. But even though you have to pay, this application has advantages that are commensurate with providing Indonesian subtitles. However, the Netflix application is quite slow regarding the updates of some films, especially the Korean drama film itself.

  1. Video

video app

Video is a local streaming service application that offers local and even international TV station channels, the best movies and series as well as interesting and certainly entertaining videos. In addition to films from Indonesia, users who subscribe to Video premiere can also enjoy films from abroad, especially Korea. Now the subscription fee for the Vidio application is also quite affordable, starting from 10 thousand rupiah / day.

  1. iFlix

iflix app

iFlix is an application that provides movie streaming services that are growing rapidly in Southeast Asia. This application also provides K – Drama or drakor. One important thing you need to know is that the iFlix application also provides Indonesian subtitles.

  1. KDRAMA Amino

kdrama amino app

Applications that have a name KDRAMA Amino it invites drakor fans to find out about upcoming big dramas, review the latest episodes of the hottest dramas currently airing and much more.

  1. iQIYI

Because this application is already present in Indonesia, now you can enjoy Korean drama content in this application. Now to activate Indonesian subtitles in iQIYI can be selected after the user activates full screen mode. The features in this application also vary, such as history, collections and downloads. So if you want to enjoy the latest and most popular content first, iQIYI offers VIP services with video quality up to 1080p HD Bluray!

  1. MAXstream

This application provides Korean dramas complete with Indonesian subtitles. Starting from the most hit dramas to newly released dramas for you to watch and enjoy. But unfortunately this application has a weakness, namely not all dramas on MAXstream are free, and most of them are paid dramas.

So, the 10 applications above are streaming service applications that you can use to enjoy Korean dramas. But in addition to the 10 applications above, the admin actually still has 1 application that is most recommended for you, the application is WeTV.

wetv app

WeTV App this is one place for watch korean dramareliable original and popular movies and variety shows. To provide a pleasant viewing experience, WeTV is equipped with a number of excellent features.

Some of them have the selection of categories of films, dramas, and variety shows categorized on different pages and a continue watching feature to help users of this application remember which part of the film or drama they watched and start over from that section, to subtitles / translations. Therefore, this application is highly recommended for you Korean drama lovers to get a new sensation when streaming.

Thus the discussion about free drakor app. Hopefully useful, and thank you for visiting

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