Free Fire Redeem Code 5 November 2022

free fire redeem code – in this article the admin will explain about Free Fire redeem code 5 November 2022 and also the Free Fire game. You must be familiar with this free fire game. Free fire game is a game with a survival genre. This game was developed by 111dots studio in the form of battle royale.

In this game collect approximately 50 players who jump from the plane using a parachute. Basically this game all the players kill each other – kill between one player or between 1 squad which consists of 4 people. Whoever is still alive at the end of the game is the winner or what is called boyah.

Well on the game Free Fire It provides 3 kinds of game modes, namely solo, duo, and squad games. now the following is an explanation of the Free Fire game mode :

  1. The first is the solo mode.

This solo mode game mode is a mode that is played alone with no friends joining the war. This one player with a mission to kill 49 players who are still alive in the game and whoever is still alive at the end of the game is the winner.

  1. The second one is a duo game mode.

In this duo mode you can invite friends to play with 2 people, you can also play alone against other teams of 2 people. In this duo mode you can raise your friends if your friends are knocked down or fall. For this duo mode there are 25 teams in one match.

  1. The third is squad mode.

This squad mode is almost the same as the duo mode, but this squad mode has 4 players and forms a team. In this squad mode, you can also heal teammates if your friends are falling. There are 13 teams in this match. If in total where there are 52 players.

That’s the game mode in the Free Fire game that you can play. Now, after you saw the explanation about the game mode in the Free Fire game, did you seem impressed to want to play it?

In addition, you can also get redeem codes to exchange items such as items, you can even get diamonds and bundles in the Free Fire game shop. This Free Fire game often provides redeem codes for its players. Like other games, for example mobile legend games and so on. On November 5, this free fire game will provide redeem codes for the players. This redeem code is in the form of a combination of letters and numbers consisting of 12 characters.

The admin will provide a leaked free fire redeem code. If you want to get it then see the article below.

REDEM free fire code on November 5, 2022

redeem code free fire 5 november 2020

  1. MANY – P47Y –2RHO
  2. BRZL – L4GP – FUMT
  3. BRZL – C54T – TPOC
  4. BRZL – PPI5 – UC9H
  5. H6KI – U3BQ – XA7F
  6. 21JT –AIDS – LLWN

Not all of these redeem codes can, but from the 6 redeem codes above, there must be a code that you can use. If you already know the redeem code, do you know how to exchange it? If some of you still don’t know how, don’t worry, the admin will also explain how. Read on for this article. But you also have to know the terms and conditions to exchange this redeem code.

Terms and conditions before exchanging the REDEM code in the free fire game

  1. The redeem code must consist of 12 characters combined with capital letters and numbers.
  2. This redeem code can only be valid in the Indonesian region, you can’t use it in overseas regions, and vice versa if overseas regions also can’t go to the Indonesian region.
  3. This redeem code cannot be traded with other people or replaced with money.
  4. This redeem code can only be used once for one account. If you have used this redeem code, this redeem code will no longer be able to be used.
  5. This redeem code has an expiration time, if this code has expired then this code will not be able to be used for redemption.
  6. This redeem code cannot be used on guest accounts, if you want to use it then you have to link your account to Facebook or VK.

Free Fire Redeem Code 5 November 2022

Now, if you understand the terms and conditions, you can exchange the redeem code. The following how to exchange the Free Fire redeem code :

  1. You enter the free fire game.
  2. Then you select in the news section.
  3. Then scroll down and see the news of exchanging codes, then you click
  4. After you click, you will see a screen like this.

redeem code free fire 5 november 2020

  1. If you have entered the display, you enter the redeem code that the admin gave earlier.
  2. Then you click the confirm button.
  3. Then if you are successful the prize will be sent to your account within 30 minutes.
  4. After 30 minutes, you can claim the prize in the message section of the lobby.
  5. And the prize will automatically be credited to your account.

So that’s the way to exchange the redeem free fire code. Again, if you receive an error message when entering the code, it means that the code has been used by someone else or it could be that the code has expired. Therefore, if you want to get a prize from a redem code, then you must remain active to get information about the code. If you miss even 1 minute, you can’t use the redeem code anymore.

This free fire game now often gives prizes such as weapon skins and other bundles by completing missions. So don’t be surprised if there are many free fire players. This game also occupies the most used game or the number one game in Indonesia.

This is the explanation about redeem code free fire 5 november 2022. Hopefully useful, thank you for visiting

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