Free Instagram Giveaway App to Choose Random Winner from Comments

Instagram Free Giveaway App

Most of the Instagrammers create a contest, giveaway or giveaway on their page and if you are planning to do something like that, then this app might come in handy. You can use the apps that I will mention below and choose a winner for a contest, prize or sweepstakes.

In this article I list some free Instagram giveaway apps to pick random winners from the comments. Here I am sharing 2 free Android apps that you can use to choose Instagram sweepstakes winners. This app fetches the Instagram post link from you and then randomly selects a certain number of winners.

You can use it to select only 1 winner or winners for 2nd and 3rd place as well. The app is very simple and scrapes the Instagram comments behind the scenes to pick a random winner.

If you are running some competition or giveaway on your Instagram page, then you need some tools to select the winner. Luckily, there are 2 free apps that you can use to do that. You can use this app on any public Instagram post, and one of them offers several filters that you can apply while choosing a winner. Both of these apps are very easy and no registration or sign up is required to use them.

2 Instagram Free Giveaway Apps to Pick Random Winners from Comments

1. Sorteapp

Instagram-1 Free Giveaway App

Sorteapp is probably the best giveaway app for Instagram available out there. You just need to provide the URL of the Instagram post where you are creating a contest or sweepstakes, specify some parameters, and it will choose a winner for you. The best part is that it can even record the entire winner selection process and save it as a video that you can share later.

This app lets you run a giveaway on any public Instagram post that has less than 2000 comments. This app also has ads, but offers some nice filters to pick a winner for you. You can use it to select a number of winners, choose to ignore repeated comments, consider 1 comment from 1 user, enter required hashtags to check in comments, and raffle countdown.

Download this app from Google Plat Store or from the link I provided below then just open it and get started. If you want to record the process of capturing the animation winner, then you have to specify it in advance. After that, all you have to do is enter a link to the Instagram post where the contest is being run and then specify the option to determine the winner. Finally, start the process and based on the number of seconds for the countdown, you will have a winner chosen by this app.

2. Comment Picker

Instagram-2 Free Giveaway App

Comment Picker is another free Android app which you can use for Instagram giveaways to pick winners. Just like the app above, it takes a link to the IG post and then selects a winner for you. It can even help you book other winners as well and work in a very easy way. It has fewer features than the apps above, but it will work perfectly for Instagram sweepstakes or giveaway contests.

This app is free, the only downside you get in this app is ads. For the next giveaway, you have to wait from 5 to 20 seconds. But I think it is; worth it after seeing that almost all other apps of its kind are paid.

You can simply get it from Google Play Store or from the link I provided below and then simply open it. On the main screen, it gives you a text box where you have to paste the link link to the Instagram post. Then after it fetches the post for you, you also have to specify some other options there. Enter the number of winners you want, the number of reserved winners, maximum hashtags and more.

Finally, you press the “SHOW SUITABLE PARTICIPANTS” button to search for a winner for you. And it will also show you the winners ordered by the numbers you specify.

Those are some free giveaway apps for Instagram to pick random winners from comments. I hope this article helped you! Thank you for visiting and don’t forget if you find this article useful, please share it with your friends too.

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