G2 Academy Pre-Employment, Full Details Here

G2 Academy Pre-Employment — Pintaria is one of the most popular pre-employment partners. One of the interests of Smartia is G2 Academy. Maybe many do not understand what G2 Academy Pre-Employment is. So at a glance about PT Generasi Teknologi Buana (G2Academy) we will also mention it at the beginning so that you understand.

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If you want to know more about G2 Academy then you can visit the G2 Academy website at https://www.g2academy.co/. This is the official website of the site which is a platform for pre-employment courses. Please read the about us tab on the page for an explanation of G2 Academy.

Now if you want to see the various types of training offered by G2 Academy then you can check below. I hope that Pre-Employment participants who really like the world of online marketing can choose G2 Academy to help you understand this.

G2 Academy Pre-Employment, Technology Training Provider

G2 Academy was founded in 2022. The initial focus of this site was to develop various training programs to create superior human resources. In fact, G2 Academy is also experienced in providing classes and training, both in school/campus environments, private companies/BUMN and government institutions.

G2 Academy Pre-Employment
G2 Academy Pre-Employment

Anyway, from the explanation provided, the G2 Academy is indeed worthy of being a partner in providing training to pre-employment participants. It’s just that maybe some people are still not familiar with G2Academy. So from there you have to get acquainted first.

You can also read at https://pintaria.com/kiat-hasil-berjualan-online to get details of the training offer carried out by G2Academy. So there have been many reviews that say this site is good for pre-employment.

How Much Does G2 Academy Training Cost?

From the Smartia page, the price for training courses at G2 Academy is only 350 thousand. So we believe your balance is enough to buy this training. It’s just that our advice is to be smart in choosing which training will be completed more or less quickly.

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That way you will immediately get a certificate and take the exam. If you pass, you will get a pre-employment incentive. But remember the course rules at G2 academy so you don’t get it wrong.


So first our discussion about G2 Academy. Hopefully what we discuss is useful for all of you. If you don’t like it, please comment below.

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