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Ganool – Who doesn’t know Ganool or Ganoolmovie? Download movie lovers must know this one site. Yep, Ganool is a website that provides various movies that you can download or download for free, complete with subtitles or subtitles. If you’re looking for How to Download Movies on Ganool or are you looking for a link to the ganool site now accessed through what web address? Because now you want to download free movies.

Actually there is a way to enjoy the film over and over again. That is with how to download movies on laptop that we have from various websites providing free movies.

Downloading this film can be done via HP or laptop. To download movies that usually require a large memory capacity is usually done through a laptop. Previously, please note that there are free and paid movies to download.

If this is what you are looking for right now, you are right here, because we will provide a tutorial on how to download movies on the latest Ganool 2022 so you can watch the latest and currently viral movies.


This ganool website is the most popular movie download provider site that comes from Indonesia and is probably already well-known throughout the world. The ownership status of the web itself is kept secret for the convenience of the owner.

Well, the films provided on this ganool site are very complete and varied with various categories, ranging from 3D, Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, War, and many more. In addition, ganool also provides anime films and tv series as well.

Which movie lover does not know a site called, this is one of the free online movie streaming sites and provides the latest movie download links.

download movie ganool

So that with this feature it can make it easier for us to watch movies both online and offline after the download is complete.

But the fate of the site is the same as other free movie streaming sites and downloads, namely IndoXXI and LayarKaca. The Ganol site has disappeared from the civilization of the online world because it has been blocked and we can no longer access it at this time.

Then how to download movies on ganool now? Don’t worry because we can still access this site, but now the site address is no longer

To download or download movies on ganool itself is fairly easy because there is already a download link available, so all you have to do is just click. Although for some people the process of downloading on ganool is an easy thing, but maybe there are others who are confused or don’t know how to download movies on ganool’s website easily and quickly.

How To Access Site To Download Free Movies

For those of you who still like to watch free cinema movies online and download them.

Maybe you are used to downloading the latest cinema films on the site. But since the site is blocked you have difficulty accessing it.

Currently, the site often changes its domain name, to avoid blocking from the provider or ISP that we use.

To visit the site now you can visit the ganool site which has the address at or

How to Download Movies on the Latest Ganool 2022

If you like watching movies on line free, must be familiar with a site called Ganool.comright?

Site download this movie can be said as a site “legend” which always presents films both foreign and the latest Indonesian films, but illegal or pirated.

Unfortunately, the site address has changed domain so you have a hard time finding it. Or maybe you have been blocked like IndoXXI or ScreenGlass21n

Then how to download movies on the latest Ganool 2022? To find out, please see the complete tutorial below.

Download Movies on Ganool Via or called Ganool just became popular since 2009. Ganool is a website that focuses on providing download link of pirated films that have just hit theaters.

Well, apart from film content, Ganool has also provided other content, such as manga, anime, games or games, but not as much as its video content.

Thanks to its popularity, the Ganool site always gets a fairly large monthly traffic, especially for a site stream film. This is the way

  1. First you open one of the sites.
  2. If you can access the ganool site, continue by selecting the movie you want to download. You can use the search box feature or the navigation menu on the site to find the movie you want to watch right now.
  3. Continue by clicking on the title or film poster on the site, if it has loaded onto the page of the film to be watched, continue by scrolling to the bottom of the media player for the film, look for a button that says Download here.
  4. After that you will be redirected to a download page which contains several links that you can choose as the server to download the film.
  5. Finally, follow any instructions given from the site you choose to download the film.

since the rules Positive Internet enforced, Ganool became one of the problematic sites in Indonesia and had to be blocked.

So don’t be surprised if this site is always changing domain every year, every month, even every week to always get traffic.

Download movies on Ganool Via does provide illegal and prohibited content. In this case it is an unofficial pirated film and without asking the permission of the filmmaker.

Especially since the site download this movie is full of advertisements, always shows advertisements that smell like gambling.

Obviously this is forbidden and not allowed, especially in Indonesia. But if you still want to download movies on ganool, here’s how:

  1. First you open one of the sites.
  2. If you can access the site, continue by selecting the movie you want to download and watch offline.
  3. Then you click the title of the movie you want to watch, after the movie page loads the media player for the movie you want to watch, if you want to download it then look for the button that says Download this movie.
  4. After that you will be redirected to a website redirect page and wait for a few seconds, you click on this button to continue to the download page.
  5. Finally, we just choose to download the film from the link provided by the website.

So, if the site above is not accessible, here are some: domain Ganool alternatives that have been used include:

  •, and many others.

How to Download Movies on a Laptop Without an Application

Watching movies is one way to fill vacation time or just do something me time. We can do this activity by going to the cinema or for those of you who are lazy to go to the cinema, then you can watch movies at home.

Sometimes we also feel dissatisfied watching a movie only once in the cinema. Moreover, the film is one of our favorite films.

As a result we have to watch it more than once to enjoy it. This makes us think twice if we want to watch a movie with the same title in theaters.

There are many reasons behind this, including the costs incurred and long queues.

Here’s how to download movies on your laptop for free with a few easy steps:

1. Open the browser

How to download movies on a laptop, the first thing we have to do is open the browser on the laptop. We can use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on a laptop, depending on which one we prefer.

Because people’s choices are sometimes different, some prefer to use the Chrome browser, some prefer to use the Mozilla browser or other browsers.

2. Visit the movie site

The second step after we open the browser is to write the download link for the movie we want.

Usually, many people download movies through the IndoXX or Cinema21 sites. The advantage of these two sites is that they have a complete collection of films

3. Find the movie that we want to download on the laptop

After we have successfully opened the film site, the next step is to find the film of our choice. We can choose films from a variety of different genres. The genre starts from action films, dramas, comedy and others.

4. Click on the movie poster image

Have you ever wanted to watch a movie but forgot the title of the movie? Don’t worry when we are going to download the movie but forget the title of the film, because we can

Write keywords that consist of one or two words from the film that we want. Then several movie posters will appear consisting of these keywords. We can also choose films based on the posters that appear.

After we find the movie that we want to watch offline, how to download the movie on a laptop, just click on the movie poster on this website or the title of the movie. This is done so that the download or download button appears.

5. Select the video link and video quality

If we have chosen to download the film, several options for free download links will appear. Such as googledrive, openload, rapidvideo, doupload, fembed, and so on. We can also choose the video quality we want from 360, 480,720 to 1080 pixels.

6. Click the download link

Open the free download link that appears. When we click, usually a number of pop up ads will appear. And after some pop up ads appear, the link will be downloaded automatically.

7. Select a storage folder

Select the location where we want the film to be stored. Wait until the download process is complete.

That’s the discussion of the download & streaming site for various free movies 2022. Hopefully it helps

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