GB WhatsApp 10.20 Apk Download the Latest GB WA Mod 2022

GB WhatsApp 10.20 Apk Even though there are currently so many chat applications that can be used to chat, smartphone users still have a sophisticated and simple chat application called WhatsApp Apk. Now the download link for the GB WhatsApp Apk v10.20 can be downloaded via a line article that reviews the latest GB WA Mod 2022

From ancient times to the present day, GB WhatsApp 10.20 Apk has indeed been the right choice to be used as a chat application, because it has a very simple and simple appearance from GB WA.

With help from a chat application called GB WhatsApp v10.20 Apk, users will be able to communicate even though they are long distances between Jakarta and Surabaya.

There are so many communication activities that people can do only with whatsapp such as text messages, photos and also make video calls and phone calls, send pictures and videos from the GB WhatsApp Apk 10.20 application.

The GB WhatsApp v10.20 Apk can be used to carry out communication activities, the GB WA Apk can also be used to express yourself through cool stories and statuses.

Those of you who are listening to our review this time who are WhatsApp users, of course, already know the sophistication of the wa application.

But did you know that now various WhatsApp Mod Apks have appeared which are certainly more sophisticated than the original WhatsApp version. If you don’t know it yet, then follow our review to the end.

GB WA is present in a very modern and sophisticated era, indeed now the WhatsApp mod application for GB WhatsApp 10.20 has emerged which is equipped with very advanced additional features.

It is necessary to know that currently there are several WhatsApp mods that are currently popular, such as YO WhatsAppWhatsApp BLUE, WhatsApp FM and NSWhatsapp, but what we are reviewing is the latest GB WA 10.20 version 2022. For GBWhatsApp v10.20 itself, it is one of the whatsapp mod apk applications that is currently popular and much sought after by mobile phone users.

Maybe you are one of the smartphone users who are looking for and want to download the GB WhatsApp v10.20. If you are currently looking for a download link for the GB Wa Apk, then just take a look at the reviews that we have prepared below, then later you will be able to download this GB WhatsApp 10.20 mod apk and the full explanation.

About GB WhatsApp 10.20

GB WhatsApp 10.20 Apk is a modified version of Whatsapp developed by a third party that includes free premium features. By including the advanced features of the whatsapp mod apk, this one is the target of whtasapp lovers.

Moreover, the premium and advanced features embedded in the GB WhatsApp 10.20 Mod Apk are not available in the original version. So of course many choose the mod apk version instead of the original version.

The GB WhatsApp Mod 10.20 application which is a modification of the original wa is not available on official markets such as the Playstore or the App Store, because the GB WA 10.20 mod application is illegal and prohibited from being used. Even though it is prohibited to use and illegal, there are still a lot of smart phone users who want to download and use GB WhatsApp 10.20 apk.

Therefore, if you want to download the whatsapp mod apk GB WhatsApp 10.20 which is not available on the playstore. Then you can download the GBWA Mod 10.20 Apk on the link provided in our article, but before you start the download it is highly recommended to first take a look at the features.

Features of GB WhatsApp Mod Apk v10.20

Those who don’t have GB WhatsApp 10.20 Apk and who are currently using the original WhatsApp of course you feel bored, because indeed the WhatsApp original version has only that-that’s all, even bored with the features, but by using this GB WhatsApp 10.20 mod apk, then you will not get bored when using it without getting bored.

Because of this, besides being embedded with many features, this GB WhatsApp 10.20 mod will continue to update to increase its features. It seems that the features currently available in GB WhatsApp Mod Apk version 10.20 are very sufficient to do various things on WhatsApp such as changing themes, sending messages with cool emojis and much more.

All things that you can’t find on the original whatsapp, then you will be able to find them on Whatsapp Mod GB WA v10.20.

Therefore, please use the GBWhatsApp mod apk, if you want to know the features, see and read carefully below.

GB WhatsApp 10.20 Anti Delete Chat

The original WhatsApp application, of course, you will not be able to see a chat or message that has been deleted by the sender, because the original WhatsApp does not provide the Anti Delete Chat feature. However, it is different for Whatsapp Mod GB WA v10.20 which is the result of modification, because the developer has prepared an anti-delete message feature to make it easier for users to see messages that have been deleted.

Whatsapp Mod GB WA Many Themes Available

Using the WhatsApp application, of course, the most important thing to note is the appearance of WhatsApp itself. The same WA display, of course, will make you bored and bored when you often play WhatsApp. However, with the availability of the WhatsApp Mod GB WA v10.20 feature, the theme is on the GBWhatsapp. Then you won’t be bored anymore in using whatsapp, because you can change the look or theme of cool whatsapp

There Are Many Emojis

Whatsapp is indeed very sophisticated and has a simple and simple appearance. But it’s a shame that it only provides limited emoji and few stickers. Therefore, third parties have developed GB WA v10.20 Mod Apk by embedding various emojis that users can use for free. That way you will be more comfortable using WhatsApp Mod.

Can see deleted WA status or stories

Many WhatsApp users also delete their status or story, because it’s a typo or something else. The status or story that has been deleted, of course, will not be able to be seen on the original WhatsApp. But thanks to the GB WA v10.20 feature provided by the developer. you will be able to see the deleted status or story, because this GBWhatsApp has provided an anti-delete WA status or story feature all the time.

Can Block Incoming WA Calls

It turns out that the Premium GB WA v10.20 WhatsApp mod apk feature on this one also provides a feature to block incoming calls. So that way you will easily block incoming calls from wa. However, to block incoming calls, this only applies if you have marked your friends’ contacts to be blocked. Of course this feature is very useful for those of you who like to play games, because they will not be disturbed by incoming calls from GB WA v10.20.

Can Lock WA Applications

The WhatsApp application is a very private application, so of course users do not want privacy to be known because it does not lock other people’s WhatsApp applications. But it’s a shame the original WhatsApp application does not yet provide the WA key feature. However, on GBWhatsApp you will be able to lock the wa application very easily, because GB WA v10.20 includes the WA Apk key feature.

Make a long WA story

Creating a WA story or status on the original whatsapp only lasts 30 minutes. This of course makes WhatsApp users disappointed, because the stories they make are only short in duration.

Therefore, currently many WhatsApp users are switching to WhatsApp Mod Apk. The reason is that on GB WA v10.20 WhatsApp Mod apk they will be able to create status or stories with a long duration.

Yes, like GB WA v10.20, this one includes a feature to create a status with a long duration. But for this feature we think all types of whatsapp mod apk have it.

Sending Large Files

Finally, there is a very helpful feature for those of you who like to send files such as large photos or videos. The reason is that GB WA v10.20 WhatsApp Mod apk has provided a feature to be able to send files of very large sizes in quite a large number.

Many Features

It’s not enough to stop there, the official developer of GB WhatsApp WA v10.20 Mod apk WhatsApp has provided several other premium features that you can use for free.

So what other features are embedded in GB WhatsApp WA 10.20 Apk? Let’s see in more detail below:

  • Able to make GB WA Apk 10.20 status with a longer duration
  • Able to hide typing status
  • Able to hide online status
  • Can remove the two blue ticks
  • Able to download whatsapp status
  • Has a very diverse choice of fonts/letters
  • Can create two whatsapp accounts at once
  • Able to video call up to 8 users
  • Able to filter incoming calls
  • Hide chats or messages

For the features available on GB WA Apk 10.20, that’s all. If you want to see the full features, then you just download the Whatsapp Mod apk below.

Download GB WA Apk 10.20 Latest Version 2022

To be able to enjoy all the features in the GB WA Apk 10.20. Then you have to download and install GBwa on the smartphone you have.

If you want it to be simple and easy to download GBWhatsApp 10.20, then you just use the link we have provided below. We have prepared several versions of GBwa mod apk that you can download for free.

But you have to know that the GB WA Apk 10.20 mod apk file that we will share with various versions has a fairly large size.

So before starting the process of downloading the GB WA Apk 10.20, we suggest that you first make sure the network is smooth so that the download process runs optimally.

This is the download link for GBWhatsApp version 10.20 which can be downloaded for the 2022 version of this one for free.

Name GB WA Apk 10.20 Mod
Version Newest 2022
Size 50 MB
OS Support Android 4.4+ and above
Price Free
download Here

How to Install GBWhatsApp 10.20 Apk Latest Version 2022

If you have chosen GBWhatsApp 10.20 that we have provided above. then immediately install it on their respective smartphones so that they can be used immediately.

  • First of all you have to do Download GBWhatsApp 10:20 am above.
  • After that you go to your respective phone settings.
  • Enter the menu Privacy and Security cell phone.
  • Then please activate unknown source.
  • Then you go to apk file storage.
  • Please find the GBWhatsApp file that you downloaded earlier.
  • Next, please go straight to the process install.
  • The install process is in progress so just wait for it to finish and it works.

After successfully installing GB WA 10.20 apk on Android and iOS phones, please create a whatsapp account as usual by entering your cellphone number, name and profile photo.

Safe Tips for Anti Banned Accounts on GBWhatsApp Pro Mod

One thing you should know, every use of WhatsApp Mod including GBWA 10.20 has its own risks because this application is made by a third party illegally.

However, to avoid getting banned accounts using GBWhatsApp Apk 10.20, there are tips that you must do as follows:

  1. The first step, please open the respective GBWhatsApp application.
  2. Please enter the three-dot menu in the upper right corner.
  3. After that, please enter the GBWA Settings menu
  4. Then look for the Update menu.
  5. Please click then Check For Update.
  6. If the GBWA you are using is an old version, please update.
  7. You can update to the latest version through their official website.
  8. Finished

If the GBWhatsApp Apk is back in the latest version, don’t hesitate to update so that your WhatsApp account is safe and of course you will get other latest features from the developer.


There have been a lot of Whatsapp Mod Apks that have appeared and we have discussed everything, so you just have to visit to see more details. Thank You! That’s the discussion of regarding the Latest GBWhatsApp Mod Apk 10.20 2022. Hopefully it’s useful

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