GB Whatsapp 9.12 Apk GB WA Mod Version 2022

GB Whatsapp 9.12 – Using the GB WA Mod Apk Latest Version 2022 is arguably the best solution you can do when you want to enjoy advanced features on the anti-banned Whatsapp MOD APK.

Because the developers of GBWhatsapp have embedded dozens of interesting features that Whatsapp Ori doesn’t have. GB Whatsapp 9.12 features in the form of display/theme customization, privacy and security settings and many other advanced features.

You will get a new experience when using GB Whatsapp 9.12, even Fouad Mokdad as the main developer always updates to the new version so that the application is avoided from being banned.

In addition, most netizens think that GB Whatsapp 9.12 can compete with other whatsapp mods such as Fouad Whatsapp. The two WhatsApp mods that we mentioned are quite popular among Android/iOS users around the world, including Indonesia.

The average original WhatsApp user has switched to using the wa mod apk, because the features are more complete than the original version. So don’t be surprised, if the download link for GB Whatsapp 9.12 apk is sought after by sophisticated smartphone users.

About GB Whatsapp 9.12

GB Whatsapp 9.12 is the result of modifying the original Whatsapp application by modder Fouad Mokdad. This application is also included in the Whatsapp MOD Apk list, which is the most popular among smartphone users until now.

Fouad Mokdad as the modder who made this application has only one aim, namely to provide convenience for its users when communicating via online chat.

You need to know, if GB Whatsapp 9.12 already has various versions that can be used immediately. However, if you want to use it without worrying about your account getting banned, you should use the latest version of GBWA which we will provide through this review.

When using the WA MOD GB Whatsapp 9.12 application on this one, you will get a lot of advantages that are not necessarily given by the original WhatsApp.

Even though it has dozens of features and many advantages, the file size of the GB Whatsapp 9.12 application is quite friendly, which is only 51MB.

Talking about whatsapp mod which is said to provide a myriad of advanced features, of course you are curious to immediately find out what features are embedded in GBWA, right?

Features of GB WA 9.12 Mod Version

When you want to try one of the whatsapp mod applications, the first thing you have to pay attention to is the features of the GB Whatsapp 9.12 whatsapp mod application.

Because, one of the main causes of WA ORI users switching to WhatsApp mod GB WA 9.12 apk because they are bored with existing features. Therefore, the famous WA MOD with dozens of interesting features is more in demand for now.

The summary of the features of GB Whatsapp 9.12 which we will describe below, maybe you can’t find in the WhatsApp application that you get from the Playstore. Of course, all the features that GBWA has are very useful and useful.

Here is a list of features that you will find when you download the GB Whatsapp 9.12 application:

1. Theme Choice

The WhatsApp application has existed for a long time, but the display used is still the same as when it first appeared. In essence, the display in the original WhatsApp application is just that.

Very different from all types of whatsapp mod apk which provide dozens of interesting and cool themes. The proof is in GB Whatsapp 9.12 Apk, tens or even thousands of free themes have been provided that can be used at any time.

If you have used the GB Whatsapp 9.12 application, but don’t know how to change the theme or appearance. So, you can learn how to change the theme by listening to the tutorial that we have prepared.

As for how to change the theme / appearance on FM Whatsapp, you can see below:

  • Run the downloaded GBWA application.
  • Press the “three dots” icon in the upper corner.
  • Go to the “GB Whatsapp Settings” menu
  • Next press the option “GB Whatsapp Apk 9.12 Theme”
  • Various Theme options will be displayed, please select the one you want to apply.
  • Press the “Thema” you choose.
  • Then click “Install”
  • finished.

2. Anti Delete Messages

Anti Delete Messages is one of the superior features of GB Whatsapp Apk 9.12, the benefits that will be obtained after activating this feature are that you can read messages that have been deleted by the sender.

If you want to try the Anti Delete Message feature, you can immediately activate the feature. How to activate the anti-delete message feature on FMWA is quite simple, you just follow the following tutorial:

  • Click on GB Whatsapp Apk 9.12 to start using it.
  • After that, press the “three dots” icon in the upper corner of the display.
  • Several menu options appear, you can click the “GBWA Settings” menu
  • Then enter the “Privacy & Security” menu
  • Next scroll until you see the “Anti Delete Message” option
  • Please activate the option directly.
  • done.

3. Blue Tick When Replying

Users of the WhatsApp application must already know the function of the blue tick, which is to notify when a message has been read. But it’s different if you use GBWA V9.12, the blue tick will only appear when you’ve replied.

So, even though the message you have received has been opened or read, before you reply to the reply message, the blue tick will not appear.

4. Hide Double Tick

The two ticks serve as a sign if the message / chat has been received and received, if the message has not arrived then the tick remains one. Now in GB WA MOD APK V9.12 there is a two-tick hide feature.

That is, even though you actually received the message, the notification on the wa application that sent the message still ticked one. Interesting right ?

5. Typing in Hide

When communicating via online chat using the WhatsApp application with friends, the status of typing messages will be visible to each other. However, the status while typing can be hidden when using GB Whatsapp APK 9.12.

Because, GB WA Pro APK 9.12 is equipped with the feature to hide the status while typing. If this feature is activated, the typing status will not be visible to other wa users.

6. Other Advanced Features

Actually there are still a lot of advanced features embedded in GBWhatsapp 9.12, you can see below.

  • Change the shape of the emoticon
  • Able to filter calls
  • Fake date, month and year tlast seen
  • Able to send large files
  • Can chat without saving number
  • Can see hidden status
  • Can do PIN chat
  • Can lock private chat
  • Can download status created by friends
  • There is an interesting choice of fonts

Download GB Whatsapp Apk 9.12 Latest Version 2022

If you have followed the review here, maybe you also already know the advanced features of GBWA Mod 9.12 that we have described above. Actually, the features that we have described above are only part of it, there are dozens of other advanced features.

Therefore, for those who are a little curious and want to know all the features in the GBWA application, you should download the latest GB Whatsapp Pro version 9.12 via the link we have prepared below.

Name GB WhatsApp Mod
File Size 51MB
New Version V9.12
Latest Updates February
Download Here

To get the application, you just click on the link that we have inserted in this article. If you have got GBWA 9.12 Pro, immediately do the process of installing the application on the Android phone that you have.

How to Install GB WhatsApp 9.12 Apk

If the process of downloading the GB WA MOD Apk V9.12 was successful, you can do it, but you can’t install the apk because you don’t know how. Then you should follow each step that we provide in the following tutorial:

  • Please look for the download link for the latest version of the GB WhatsApp 9.12 Apk above.
  • If you have found the link and managed to get the application, please activate the Unknown Sources permission.
  • It’s easy, go to the Android / iOS HP Settings used.
  • Please look for the “Security” or “Security” menu
  • Scroll until you find the “Unknown Source” option
  • Give a “Check” in the small box next to the option “Installation from Unknown Sources”
  • Permissions have been activated, now look for the GBWA Apk 9.12 file in the “File Manager” menu
  • Look for the “Download” or “Downloads” option
  • If you are already a guest, click “File” then select “INSTALL”
  • Wait a few minutes for the process to complete.

So basically, you need to give permission in the “Unknown Source” option when you want to start the GBWA Apk Pro 9.12 installation process. If it has not been activated, it is very likely that you cannot install the application.

Tips on GB WhatsApp Apk 9.12 Avoid Banned Accounts

Although the chance of getting an account banned in every GB whatsapp mod apk 9.12 application is only small, still you must always be careful and as much as possible to avoid it.

There is one trick you can do to avoid getting banned when using GBWA Apk 9.12, how to use the latest version of this application. So, you must always update when Fouad Mokdad provides the latest version on GB WhatsApp Apk 9.12.

That’s the discussion of regarding the GB WhatsApp Apk 9.12 latest version 2022, Hopefully it helps

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