Get Contact: How To Find Out The Name Of An Unknown Phone Number

Get Contact

Here’s a guide on how to use Get contact to find out the name of an unknown phone number. Get Contact, also known as Getname, is a program that analyzes phone calls and detects potential fraud and spam callers (calls).

Get contact will display information about the unsaved number when you make or receive a call from that number.

The data displayed can be in the form of names, companies, or other information related to telephone numbers. For Android users, this application is available for free on the Google Playstore, and for iPhone users it is available on the AppStore.

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What is Get Contact Application?

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According to reports, you can use this Get Contact app to find out the name of an unknown phone number. Is this the reality? The application description and download link can be found here.

So, as said before, the Get Contact app claims to be able to track who a user is from a mobile number just by entering the number. You may have received a message or phone call from someone you don’t know and want to know who is calling from that number.

Get contact collects information about mobile numbers from millions of app users (including users in Indonesia). In this approach, it can be said that this software collects mobile number information from its users who share information regarding the phone number. You can also share information about the phone number here.

We can now find out the name of the owner of the unknown phone number by simply entering the mobile number into the tracking feature of the GetContact app.

Get Contact Application Features

The Get Contact application has been widely used since it was officially released on the Play Store. This feature can be used to find out the name of an unknown phone number calling you.

The Get Contact application has the following features:

  • Hidden and encrypted chat feature.
  • Find out the contact identity for a phone number that has been saved on someone else’s phone.

  • Displays Caller ID or owner name of unknown number calls.

  • Spam Protection is a feature that protects your phone from unwanted calls.

It can be said that we can immediately see the names of contacts on other people’s phones by using this application.

Download the Get Contact Application

Details description
Name Get Contact
Version 5.4.0
Developer Getverify LDA
Supported OS 5.0 and up
File Size 43 MB

The Get Contact app is available on Google Play and the App Store. The following link allows you to download it for free.

Download Get Contact: Android | iOS

After successfully installing the application, this feature can be used to monitor the name of our phone number on someone else’s phone or the name of an unknown contact.

How to Use the Get Contact Application

How to use the Get Contact application to find out the name of this unknown phone number is quite easy. Before that, make sure you have installed the application on your phone. If you can, follow this short guide:

  1. On your phone, open the app Get Contact.
  2. Then accept terms and conditions application.
  3. After that, you can use e-mail or Facebook account You to enter the application.

  4. For create accountverify your account with Whatsapp or Telegram.
  5. Just use option search to search for the number you want to know the name after entering the app.

  6. Then click tags to get a list of names of unknown numbers or numbers that have been saved by others.

How To Use Get Contact To Find Out Number Information

  1. open Call History and Search History Get Contact.
  2. Choose number previously contacted.
  3. Details for the connected contact’s name will appear.
  4. Search in the area Search if you need to know friend’s contact name.
  5. Alternatively, you can enter the number manually or tap on the icon contact.

  6. You will find out tags related to the owner of the number calling you.

How to Use Get Contact for Spam Protection

  1. Open the app Get Contact.
  2. Go to menu section Other.
  3. Choose an option Spam Settings from the Settings menu.
  4. select one anti-spam settings following:
  • If you want to get an alert from Get Contact when a number is marked as spam, select the option Show warning for spam and fraud calls.

  • If you want to prevent direct calls from numbers marked as spam, use option Block all spam calls.

That’s how to use the Get Contact application. I hope this article helped you! Thank you for visiting and don’t forget if you find this article useful, please share it with your friends too.

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