Get to know Tiktok Tri Extra Quota, Get Free Internet Easily

Extra Tiktok Tri Quota – Before we discuss about the tiktok quota from tri (3), please read the article that discusses Tiktok IM3 Quota, How to Get Free Indosat IM3 Quota Tiktok if you are an Indosat user. However, if you happen to be using Tri, please be patient and read more about the Latest Extra Quota Tri Package below.

As we know that the TikTok application is quite popular all over the world. Now everyone who uses the internet or is literate in the world of the digital era must be familiar with this one application even though he did not install the application. If you look at trends in Indonesia, almost the average viral and trending in searches are short videos from the TikTok application itself or what is often called FYP. Therefore, many people get or choose the Tiktok Tri Extra Quota package.

Extra Quota Tiktok Tri is an internet quota that is specifically for TikTok users or who only wants to use their quota to open the TikTok application only. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages that will be obtained by the quota user. The most flashy or visible weakness is that you can’t use TikTok Quota to do other browsing, or search for information on Google, you can’t use it to stream or watch YouTube and so on.

Not only welcoming the new year, we are all also presented with the latest Extra promo at the beginning of 2022. As given by one of the Tri providers for all their customers.

As I have discussed just now about the previous Free Tri TikTok Quota. That company Tri is currently working with PT. Indosat Ooredoo with the aim of advancing the world of networks in Indonesia.

The hope of these two companies is to advance the existing network providers in Indonesia and give the name Indosat Ooredoo Hutschison 3. This situation is marked by the emergence of many interesting promos that have started to appear.

At the beginning of this year, all internet users with IM3 and Tri providers were able to use the Free TikTok Quota service for each of their users.

Of course, we all know that TikTok is a short video application that is very popular with everyone in the world today. With the advancement of TikTok, and increasingly being used by everyone, Tri and IM3 companies created a TikTok Quota service that can only be used to open the TikTok application.

With the emergence of promos such as Kuota Extra Tiktok Tri, IM3 and Tri service users can enjoy or play TikTok without having to fear that their main quota will be reduced because of watching TikTok.

However, there are still many users who do not understand how to get the quota. For those of you who don’t know how, please read the explanation that I will give until the end to get a free TikTok quota.

When you as a user of one of the providers who buy internet quota combined with Tiktok quota, you will feel uncomfortable if you don’t have the TikTok apk itself, the quota should not be divided up like that, while we are not real Tiktok application users. Therefore, many millennial friends want to change the Tiktok Quota to a regular quota as usual.

For those of you who are still confused about the various package options available for provider 3 or Tri, here’s how to use TikTok Tri quota, it’s also very easy, friends, all you have to do is install the TikTok application on the smartphone you are using, then you will get the quota that will be paid. used is the TikTok quota on the Tri number that you have.

With this Tri card as one of the cards that offers internet packages that are quite cheap compared to other providers in Indonesia, but unfortunately this one provider cannot cover all areas in the country, so only a few places get and enjoy the network they have. by Tri.

Not long ago, netizens were shocked by the existence of the Extra Quota TikTok Tri service which was provided by the company for free for all its users. Already know how to get it? Read on for the explanation that I will give this.

Tri is one of the companies that have provided telecommunications services in Indonesia. Not much different from the others, that Tri is a service provider that has long been used by the Indonesian people to open the Internet.

Tri’s development is fantastic as a Mobile LifeStyle Provider. This has been proven by the number of customers almost reaching 95%. And, the average user is a millennial child.

How to Get Extra Quota Tiktok Tri (3)

Many millennials use this card to surf the Internet. With that, Tri is currently presenting their newest promo which is very interesting for us to try. Even though they have provided many promos, such as cheap internet quota, discount credit, and free quota, of course.

Not to be outdone by other providers, Tri is currently presenting their newest offer, the Free Tri TikTok Extra Quota. This quota can be enjoyed by all their card users. So, how to get the quota? And, what is TikTok Tri Extra Quota? Here’s the information.

For those of you who want to get TikTok Extra Quota. to be able to watch videos on TikTok. You can follow the method I gave below:

  1. Please download the Bima+ application on your cellphone.
  2. Enter the Bima+ application and please login using the Tri card you have.
  3. After entering the main page, please click View Details.
  4. If there is a TikTok Quota inside, it means you have got it.
  5. If it’s like that, you can use the quota to open the TikTok application without having to fear losing the main quota.

For those of you who are Indosat or IM3 and Tri service users, you will get a free TikTok quota of 10GB. The quota will be valid for 30 days.

Now, after successfully getting the Tiktok Tri Extra Quota Apk as above, you can immediately use it to watch videos on Tiktok, but if you want free internet with this Tiktok Tri Extra Quota, then the method can be seen below.

How to use Tiktok Tri Extra Quota for Free Internet to become Regular Quota, of course you have to do and do the steps you have to take. Let’s see the full tutorial from the admin

  1. First, make sure you download the Psiphone Pro application on Google or the Google Play Store service.
  2. Install it on your own phone and install it.
  3. Just click on the menu Options .
  4. Then you check the menu Tunnel Whole Device, and on the menu Disable Timeouts For Slow Network.
  5. Make sure you choose select regions, You just choose on the Best Performance, which of course has better network performance.
  6. Click menu More Options.
  7. Next you check the Connect Through an HTTP Proxy.
  8. Then you fill in the header according to the provider you use, all of you.
  9. Put a check in Connect through an HTTP Proxy.
  10. Click the back button and click Start.
  11. Wait for the Pgiphone Pro application icon to turn blue.

After Phopnone Connect, then automatically the tiktok quota can be used for free internet without cutting your tri’s main quota,

That’s the discussion about Tiktok Tri Extra Quota that Tiktok users are looking for, hope it helps

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