Ghozali Nft Selfie Photo, This is the NFT Photo Price

Ghozali Nft Selfie Photo – Who is Ghozali Everyday Recently, it has been widely discussed on social media for selling nearly 1,000 Non-Fungible Tokens or NFT in the form of selfies worth billions of rupiah at Opensea. Then what is NFT? Quoted from CNN, NFT is a digital asset in the form of works of art or collectibles representing real-world objects that can be used to buy things virtually. Art and collectibles can be in the form of photos, pictures, songs, sound recordings, videos, games, and so on.

NFTs are digital assets that can be digital artwork, GIFs, tweets, virtual trading cards, images of physical objects, video game skins, virtual real estate, and more.

Ghozali Everyday’s Photo at Nft

NFTs can be likened to a Pokémon card, a rare coin, or a limited edition pair of Jordan shoes. So NFT creates scarcity among available assets and makes them exclusive, and there is even a certificate of authenticity to prove it.

An Indonesian youth named Ghozali went viral who became a billionaire from selling his selfies on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT).

On social media, Ghozali, known as Ghozali Everyday, uploads his selfie as an NFT product on OpenSea. Unexpectedly, it turned out that the selfie photo got a lot of interest, some even sold up to tens of millions of rupiah.

NFTs can also turn digital artwork and other collectibles into unique, verifiable and easily tradable assets using blockchain.

Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs are currently on the rise and become the center of world attention. NFT is a digital asset that represents several real-world creative art forms such as two-dimensional art, music, game items and videos. NFT has been around since 2022 and has recently become increasingly popular because many have made a profit from buying and selling digital artworks.

Many of the advantages of NFT that greatly benefit content creators such as NFT are not interchangeable with each other and cannot be shared because NFT has a unique code. This uniqueness makes content creators seem to be competing to upload their best work there. Just like what a content creator from Semarang named Ghozali or known as Ghozali Everyday did.

What is NFT or Non-Fungible Token?

NFT is a kind of non-exchangeable token, which is usually found on blockchain. Although it has been around since 2022, NFT is becoming more and more in demand by the end of 2022.

Blockchain is a technology that is used as a digital data storage system that is connected through cryptography

The high selling price of NFT is because there is only one item with a high selling value and makes NFT seem very expensive. Thus, NFT can be an alternative for artists to sell their work online.

In the midst of the rapidly increasing trend of crypto currencies, NFT is here to bring its own uniqueness. NFT offers great rewards for artists, musicians, influencers, and other creators from investors who are willing to pay for their digital versions of NFT images.

For information, the first tweet of Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter, sold for $2.9 million, or around Rp. 41.3 billion. Then a video clip of LeBron James doing a slam dunk sold for $8 million, and a decade-old ‘Nyan Cat’ GIF that sold for $8.6 billion.

However, NFT is not a new thing. CryptoKitties, a digital trading game on the Ethereum cryptocurrency platform, is one of the NFTs, which allows people to buy and sell unique virtual cats stored on the blockchain.

NFT is a blockchain-based asset. However, unlike crypto coins, NFTs can only be created once in the blockchain process which makes them unique because they cannot be replaced

Ghozali came up with a genius idea, which is to collect selfies from 2022 to the present. The selfie photo for 5 years was then uploaded on NFT and has reached 933 NFT items. Who would have thought, there were 621 Ghozali selfies sold in the last 30 days. Now Ghozali’s OpenSea account with the name Ghozali Everyday has a high traded volume with a value of 277 Ethereum or around Rp. 13.3 billion, accessed this morning at 07.00 WIB.

“I took photos of myself from 18 to 22 years old (2022-2022). It’s really a picture of me standing in front of the computer day after day,” Ghozali wrote on his account.

Now one Ghozali Everyday selfie is priced as low as 0.13 Ethereum or around IDR 6 million. Even the price of Ghozali’s most expensive photo is set at 66346 Ethereum or IDR 1.3 trillion. Many are curious as to what selfie photos made Ghozali suddenly become a billionaire.

Price Selfie Ghozali Nft

Meanwhile Ghozali Everyday is something new because he is currently selling 933 NFT in the form of selfies taken from 2022 to 2022 or when he is 18 to 22 years old.

NFT Ghozali went viral for his unique project, it took dedication to produce a photo of himself every day for at least four years. In addition, the hype was also fueled by the flood of information about Ghozali that was shared by people on social media, thus sparking a conversation.

According to Ghozali Everyday’s account at Opensea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace, there were 933 NFTs sold. Currently, the lowest price for one collection is 0.364 ETH, or around Rp. 17.4 million.

Interestingly, the transaction volume for all NFTs has reached 295 ETH, or around Rp. 141.1 billion.

Thus the discussion of about Selfie Photos of Ghozali Nft 2022 which are sold at high prices. I hope it will be an inspiration

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