Gundala Collaboration With PUBG Mobile, here’s how to get it

Gundala Collaboration With PUBG – PUBG Mobile players must be excited, especially Indonesian players, because one of the heroes from Indonesia, Gundala, will be present as a Gundala Collaboration with PUBG mobile.

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Looks like Pubg Mobile wants to introduce Indonesian culture to players with this collaboration with Bumilangit Entertainment, wow, you must be very impatient and proud of course.

Well, for those of you who don’t know about this, then you have come to the right place, because in this article I will explain and summarize it for you, so keep reading this article, guys..

What are Gundala and Pubg Mobile?

Gundala is a hero figure who comes from Hasmi’s comic, Gundala Putra Lightning in 1969, Gundala itself is very popular in Indonesia because of his story that makes comic lovers very passionate about this one hero.

Gundala Collaboration With PUBG Mobile
Gundala Collaboration With PUBG Mobile

Now on this occasion PUBG Mobile or one of the battle royal games which is also very popular in Indonesia, will hold an epic collaboration in response to suggestions given by Indonesian fans or players to PUBG MOBILE game owners.

PUBG mobile itself is a game made by Tencent which has an action genre that already has around 500 million+ downloads on Playsore, this game designed for mobile devices offers extreme shooting games that are tense and exciting.

How to get Gundala in PUBG Mobile

All you have to do is join the ongoing event to get Ocean Crystals by logging in for 4 consecutive days or by buying them which you can later exchange for items from this collaboration.

New items that are present include:

  • Gundala Guruh Lightning Set and Gundala Track Suit Set
  • Guns Guruh Sakti ( M762 and UMP45 )
  • Gundala Pan and Gundala Backpack
  • UAZ Car Skins, Thunder Gundala Planes and Parachutes and more

This event lasts until December 31, 2022, so what are you waiting for, immediately play the game and join this very cool event before it’s too late.

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That’s all the info I can give, I hope it’s useful for you, don’t forget to share this article as much as possible so that it is also useful for others. If there are errors in writing or etiquette in language, I apologize. Thank you..

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