Happy Mall Story Mod APK Download (Cheat Unlimited Coins)

Happy Mall Story Mod APK – There is a new game for a unique game called Happy Mall Story Game. Do you really like games that manage and design malls? It’s definitely fun because it can add to one’s creativity. If this is your wish, please download the latest Happy Mall Story APK Mod right now.

Who likes playing Happy Mall Story games? Now, there’s Happy Mall Story Mod Apk, it’s more fun to try, let’s play right away!

Playing for some people is not just for fun. Playing is also done by many people to reduce stress levels or boredom which is not good for mental health.

As a smartphone user, you must know that there are many games that you can play to fill your spare time, right?

Because, games that have been registered in the Apple Store and Play Store. And one of the games that are in great demand when filling leisure time is Happy Mall Story.

And now circulating the Mod version apk file. What kind of excitement can you feel? Come on, let’s see.

By downloading this Mod version, you can manage and design the mall as you wish. The most interesting thing, there are many items in this game that make the gameplay fun and very challenging

Happy Mall Story Mod APK

Happy Mall Story is one of the most interesting games anywhere. This game teaches us how to do business properly and well to advance our economy.

In this game we will be asked to make or build a mall. We must know the right way, expand the store and be aware of what customers need.

Happy mall story can be obtained by anyone for free on the Android and iOS platforms. However, there are some annoying ads. Besides that, getting money is also a little difficult and also takes a long time.

As already mentioned, this game has an uncomplicated gameplay. Where you as a player simply design and manage the mall that has been made so that it is always crowded and visited by many buyers.

This game is one of the best simulator games because the graphics are also capable. So don’t be surprised if all the aspects presented here are beautifully displayed and very real so they look very realistic.

At the beginning of the game, you will be given vacant land that can be used to build a mall. Start by designing what kind of mall you want to build. After the mall building is finished, you also have to fill the mall.

Choose a variety of shops so that the mall you have is always busy. It can be filled with fast food restaurants, entertainment centers to boutiques. The navigator in the game is also quite easy because it only takes one flick of the hand.

The visual appearance and sound effects provided in Happy Mall Story APK Mod are also adorable and make you even more excited to play this popular game. For those who don’t know, this simulator game was designed by Happy Labs developers.

Where this developer often releases simulator-themed games. So it’s only natural that the quality of the games and gameplay presented here does not disappoint at all.

You will be given the opportunity to hire employees and you have to be careful. This is because each of the available candidates has its advantages and disadvantages.

So you have to really consider many aspects in choosing them. With these challenges, many players like this game.

Because it will keep you focused and busy for a while. Not to mention the Social feature, where you can share with friends on social media.

You can share your experiences about playing at Happy Mall Story. Not to mention, you can still choose your own play mode if you don’t want to share it with others.

What is clear, you must really understand a good mall management strategy. If not then everything will be neglected and you will be in trouble.

Download Happy Mall Story MOD APK

Happy Mall Story is a game specifically for Android users. This game is very interesting because it was developed by Happy Labs, which is well-known as the best simulation game developer today.

Because the animation given here is very adorable and of course very rich in color. It’s natural that simulation game lovers really like this simulator game.

In this Happy Mall Story APK Mod, you will be used as the main character to set the gameplay as you wish. Where you will be used as an owner of a mall that will later be built.

The job of an owner here is to manage and also develop the shopping center that was built earlier to become a big business with big profits too.

In order to achieve this goal, Happy Labs developers have injected a variety of intuitive features as well as unique interactions that can entertain you at any time.

How to cheat happy mall story is also fairly easy, you just need to uninstall the happy mall story on your cellphone, then reinstall the happy mall story mod apk which has been modified and has a cheat feature. Curious? Just download the following happy mall story cheat.

Download Happy Mall Story Mod Apk Unlimited Coins Latest Version 2.3.1

Game Information:

  • Game name : Happy Mall Story
  • Genre : Casual
  • Minimum System : Android 4.0.3 +
  • Version : 2.3.1
  • File Size : 23 MB

Feature :

  • Unlimited Coins – Coins don’t run out when spent

Download Links:

Download Happy Mall Story Mod Apk (Unlimited Gems) v2.3.1 Latest 2022 for Android for Free.

For those who want to download this game, please check the following specifications first:

Game Name Happy Mall Story APK Latest Mod
Developer Happy Labs
Minimum OS required Minimum OS 4.0.4 or above
Game Size 23 MB
Downloader 10 million more
Game Genre Simulator

Download link : Mediafire

For those who want to download this Mod version of the game, please click the download link that we have provided above. But before that, make sure the device you are using is in accordance with the specs that have been mentioned.

Don’t forget to make sure the internet connection you are using is smooth and stable so that the game can be downloaded without fail. Once downloaded, you can install the game so that it can be played.

Features of Happy Mall Story APK Mod

In terms of gameplay, this game is indeed similar to other Happy Labs simulator games such as Happy Pet Story MOD APK or Restaurant Paradise MOD APK.

It’s just that there are various features that make this game fun and interesting to play in your spare time. The features offered are as follows:

1. Use creativity to manage the mall

So that visitors who come to the mall continue to increase, don’t stop to design and forget to upgrade the mall with the creative ideas that you have thought of before.

Always build new floors, add more interesting shops, and of course have to bring in more customers so that you have more money.

Don’t forget to always expand the mall so that there are many stores in the mall. Do not forget to set aside the money collected for investment.

2. Promotion degree for customers

In the real world, many customers like discounts. Take advantage of this to attract the attention of customers. Always provide attractive sales offers and various promotions to customers by holding promotions.

The promotional event can be done anytime as long as there is free time. Use the promotional title feature to advertise the products you have. In addition, it can also increase the mall’s sales turnover.

3. Explore shops and various shoppers

In this simulator game, you are not bored with the monotonous or just like that. This is because in this game there are at least 120 different shops that can be opened in the mall that you have.

In addition, there are also 30 buyer characters, which of course will enliven sales in the Happy Mall Story APK Mod game. All you do is find and access all of these things so that the gameplay becomes fun and interesting.

4. Complete the accepted missions and get big rewards

Not much different from other simulation android games, this game called Happy Mall Story MOD APK is also equipped with various missions which of course must be completed properly so that later you will get big prizes.

If you successfully complete the mission, you will reach a new level. From each mission, you can get various rewards which can later be used to develop your mall business.

5. Can be played online and offline

The most interesting thing, this game does not only use the internet to be played. Because in fact, the game can be followed even if you don’t have internet or are offline.

Even though the fun is not like playing online with friends, but at least playing offline can accompany you when your internet quota runs out.

Advantages of Happy Mall Story APK Mod

Each Mod version game usually has different advantages compared to the original version. This is what makes game lovers like to download Mod games compared to the original version.

However, there is still a risk for those who download the Mod game. Apart from that, here are some of the advantages that you get when playing Happy Mall Story Mod APK:

  • No ads to interrupt the fun while playing the game.
  • No purchase of any in-game items
  • The money you have in the game is unlimited.
  • Infinite game diamonds/crystals

How to Cheat Happy Mall Story Mod Apk Unlimited Coin Latest 2022

That’s right guys! Coins are very, very important in this game. Because with these coins you can buy any item in the game to support the appearance of your mall.

Coins can actually be obtained by serving customers who come to the mall. But, who doesn’t want to have a lot of coins? So, here I want to share with you how to cheat Happy Mall Story so you can get unlimited coins.

What does unlimited coins mean? This means that you will have unlimited coins. Even though you’ve spent a lot of items in the store, your coins are guaranteed to never run out!

For those who like simulator games, please download and try playing the Happy Mall Story APK Mod game on your Android device. With unlimited gameplay, this game will not make you bored when playing it.

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