HAV Money Making App Is It Really Paying?

HAV app

HAV app – Hello friends, back again with the admin here. This time the admin will discuss about money-making applications.

If you are curious about the application, you just read this article to the end. So that you don’t miss important information in this article.

Well, recently it’s been busy being discussed by netizens, because there are applications that can make money. And it turns out that the application is a HAV application.

If you want to know more about the app HAV this, then you can see the explanation below first.

About HAV Apk

Money Making App this is pedestrian app for their health, you just need to walk to get coins. Pretty interesting isn’t it?

Because with us walking every day can make our bodies become healthier. So how is the coin earning system in this application?

You can get coins if you succeed in doing the main task, which is walking. You can also earn coins by inviting your friends to join this app.

And you will also get extra coins if you succeed in completing the bonus missions. The bonus of inviting each friend is 5 coins.

For those of you who want to try the application but don’t know how to register, you can see the explanation below

HAV Money Making App Is It Really Paying?

HAV app

How to Register the HAV Application

If you still don’t understand how to register in this application, then you can see the following explanation.

  • You can download the application first, you can click here.
  • Then open the application and log in using your Google account.
  • Choose to use Indonesian to make it easier for you.
  • Select the google fit sync menu.
  • Click the finish button.
  • You can go to the settings menu > remove battery optimization.
  • Then select battery and allow background activity.
  • Finished.

Those are the steps you can take to How to Apply HAV App. It’s quite easy, isn’t it the way the admin provides?

Is This App Safe?

Because many members who have provided reviews of this application have managed to pay them. Therefore, the admin thinks this application is quite safe.

But you have to be on guard if something unexpected happens. But you have to work extra hard on foot to get the coins.

The final word

Maybe this is enough discussion that the admin can provide for you, hopefully this article can help you. Thank you for visiting infoinsaja.com this time, and see you in the next admin article.

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