How Communication Satellites Work

how communication satellites work

infoinsaja – in this article the admin will explain about how communication satellites work. This communication satellite is a man-made satellite that is placed in space with the aim of long-distance communication systems, both for telephone services and for internet services.

These modern communications satellites use geosynchronous orbits, molniya orbits or low earth orbits. Now with this communication satellite, we can enjoy the technology that exists at this time. Examples such as television, telephone, and so on.

This communication satellite has several types. The following is types of communication satellites along with the discussion:

  1. Middle earth orbit (MEO)

This satellite is a satellite with an intermediate orbit with an altitude of 8000-20,000 km with a revolution time of 50-12 hours. An example of an MEO satellite is telser.

  1. Low earth orbit (LEO)

This satellite is a satellite with the lowest orbit with an altitude of 500-2000 km above the earth’s surface. The time taken to circle the earth is 30 minutes to 1 hour. An example of this LEO satellite is the iridum satellite.

  1. Geostationary earth orbit (GEO)

This satellite has a height of 35.78 km from the earth’s surface and its revolution time is 24 hours. An example of this GEO satellite is palapa intelset-7.

  1. Highly elliptical orbit (HEO)

This satellite has an altitude of 500-50,000 km and a rotation time of 24 hours. Now an example of this one satellite is the Russian Monilya system from all types of satellites that the admin has described above. all these satellites have an important role for the life of all humans. If you imagine that there are no communication satellites, you will definitely feel lonely because you can’t watch television, play cellphones, listen to the radio, do long-distance communication and even there is no internet access.

So, those are the types of communication satellites that admin can explain to you. Now the admin will explain to you the benefits of communication satellites. There are many benefits of this communication satellite. To find out some of the benefits, here is an explanation:

How Communication Satellites Work

how communication satellites work

The benefits of communication satellites are:

  1. Can be used in various sectors.

There are many people who think that this satellite is only used by people who are actively working in areas that are covered by a signal or in remote areas. All of that is true, this satellite is very much needed for workers in remote areas and difficult signals, but other sectors can also take advantage of this satellite communication. For example, the banking sector can use this satellite communication as a backbone to keep wireless ATMs running smoothly. Especially in the biggest branches.

  1. Reliable performance and durability.

This satellite has high performance and durability. With this communication satellite, you can be on guard against a disaster. You can immediately give the news via communication and help will come soon.

  1. Wide range, able to maintain remote areas.

This communication satellite is very useful if you want to go to remote areas. For example, if you have a problem in an area that is difficult for people to reach, you can directly communicate with other people and you will immediately get help. This satellite is quite wide range.

  1. Tend to be more frugalt.

Many people already understand the benefits of satellite communication, but the number of people who use this communication satellite is only a few because they are said to be quite expensive. But it is wrong, the price of satellite communication is quite cheap. The price of this satellite communication will not increase even if the number of users increases. The distance between the communication points also does not determine the cost.

How Communication Satellites Work

A satellite is an object in space that rotates following the rotation of the earth. Satellites can be distinguished based on their shape and use. But what we will discuss this time is communication satellites. To be operational, the satellite will be launched into orbit with the help of a rocket. For developed countries such as the United States, Russia, France, and also China, which already have stations to launch these satellites into orbit.

Satellites also have positions in their orbits, and there are 3 kinds of satellite positions in their orbits. Here is the explanation:

  1. Low Earth Orbit (LEO)

LEO has a position 500 – 2,000 KM above the Earth’s surface.

  1. Medium Earth Orbit ( MEO )

MEO has a position 8,000 – 20,000 KM above the Earth’s surface.

  1. Geosynchoronus Orbit (GEO)

GEO has a position about 35,786 KM above the Earth’s surface.

So all satellite movements are monitored from Earth or commonly known as control stations. The workings of this satellite use uplink and downlink. This uplink is a transmission that is sent from Earth to the satellite. If the downlink is a transmission from the satellite to the control station or Earth. Communication on this satellite generally functions as a repeater in the sky. This satellite also uses transponders, transponders themselves are a tool to enable 2-way communication.

For example, Intelsat VIII uses 44 transponders which will later be able to accommodate 22,500 telephone circuits and 3 TV channels. Antenna from satellite is very important role in satellite communication network. This is because this object serves as a transmission receiver in every region around the world. While the placement of satellites (Satellite Spacing) is used to facilitate the transmission of data based on the region.

The power system used by this satellite is obtained through sunlight which will later be converted into electricity by using solar cells. In addition, the satellite is also equipped with a power source that has a duration of 12 years which is the fuel for this satellite to operate.

That’s the article from the admin about how communication satellites work. Hopefully useful, thank you for visiting

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