How Laser Printers Work

how laser printers work – in this article the admin will explain about how do laser printers work. Of course, laser print users may already know how it works. But what about those who are not laser print users? So, from that, the admin made this article, it can add insight to all of you friends. But before that, let’s discuss first what is laser printing? Here is the explanation:

Understanding Laser Printing

Printers are devices that display data in printed form, be it text, images or graphics printed on paper. Or in short, a printer is a device that can display text or images that originally came from digital software into a form that is printed on paper.

So the printer comes from the word “Print” which means to print, so it can be called a tool for printing. Of course, in the world of computers, printers are an important device, because they are additional output devices (peripherals) that display the results of writing or images on paper or other similar media.

This printer was originally sold using a system from an electric typewriter, but many wanted to increase the speed so that it was higher so that the printer was headed for a better change. The development of this printer uses a new system which is of course more specific only to computers, for example, this laser printer.

So laser printing which is also commonly called This Laser Printer is a computer printer that uses light diode technology to get small particles of toner from the cartridge to the paper. So that you understand better, a laser printer is a printer that uses a printing system with powdered ink or what is often also called a toner that uses an infrared device. This laser printer can print faster and the printouts can dry faster like the prints on a copier.

how laser printers work

This laser printer appeared in 1984 which was sold at a low price, starting with the emergence of the HP Laser Jet. Then the following year there was the addition of Post Script created by Apple Laser Writer which made a revolution in the world of printing known as Desktop Publishing. Laser printers that use Post Script can combine text and images with better quality.

Laser Printing Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantages and disadvantages of this Laser Print before heading to the main topic, namely how it works. Here is the explanation:

Advantages of Laser Printers :

  1. Speed

Laser print has a print speed or print speed that reaches speeds of around 20-25 ppm at a price of 0.8-2 million. This means that this laser printer can print 20-25 sheets per minute. For laser prints that have a price of 3 million and above, it can reach speeds of up to around 30 and up to around 60 ppm.

  1. Feature

The features of this laser printer are arguably better than inkjet printers, especially in the memory and processor section. Laser printers have higher capabilities than inkjet printers. So with these advantages, this laser printer rarely experiences problems or problems.

  1. Operating costs

In terms of operational costs which include maintenance and cartridge replacement costs, laser prints are superior to inkjet printers. That’s because this laser print cartridge replacement is relatively longer, in contrast to inkjet printers which have to replace cartridges more often.

  1. Print Quality

Although the color composition produced by laser printers is not as good as inkjet printers, for prints, both color and black and white, the results of laser printer prints are arguably better. That’s because the prints dry faster and are waterproof, then for long-term use, laser printers are much more efficient than inkjet printers.

How Laser Printers Work

In addition to the four advantages above, there are still some important points from the advantages of this laser printer, for example, this laser printer has a variety of options including collators and staplers and has a lower overall cost due to small ink requirements.

Deficiency Laser Printers:

  1. Worse photo output
  2. More expensive color laser printer prices
  3. The possibility of printing colors that do not match the LED printer makes the image blurry
  4. Solid ink printer output that can make paper jams, copiers or scanners with an auto feeder.

How Laser Printing Works

The workings of a laser printer that you need and will know are actually not as difficult as you might think. The workings of this laser print, the following is an explanation:

  1. OPC Drum Provides Electric Current to the Toner Cartridge Bagian

In the early stages of how laser printing works, the OPC Drum that is inside begins to provide or flow an electric current to the Toner Cartridge section. Now from here you will see how the electrical process works in the early stages to prepare the results to be printed inside the laser print itself.

  1. Printer Shines Laser Light Through Photoreceptor Surface

The second stage, the printer will highlight the laser beam that passes through the Photreceptor. This is where the initial preparations will be completed, the laser beam is an important component to provide precise and accurate printouts according to the data to be received.

  1. Toner Starts Forming Images, text or the like that will start printing

The third stage, the toner will immediately form the image, writing, or the like that is in it.

  1. Toner Powder In Cartridge Taken by Developer Unit (Magnetic Sleeve)

The fourth stage, the toner powder contained in the cartridge will be taken from the developer unit or magnetic sleeve.

  1. The Toner Moves To The Used Paper Sheet And Performs The Printing Process

Now at this stage, all processes of how laser printing works will be completed, namely the toner will move to the sheet of paper used and carry out the printing process itself.

  1. Finished

Thus some of the steps above are: how laser printers work which is the main topic in this article. See you in the next article, thank you for visiting

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