How to Activate the 2022 NFC Feature

How to Activate the NFC Feature

How to Activate the NFC Feature – NFC stands for Near Field Communication, NFC is a connectivity that serves to connect or combine two devices.

Of course, by touching or bringing the two devices closer together.

The distance between the two devices is generally only a few centimeters, for example, a cellphone with NFC will transfer data in the form of contacts, pictures, videos to another cellphone that has NFC.

The way it works is almost the same as Bluetooth, it’s just that transfers using NFC are smoother and free from distractions.

Smartphones with NFC have been widely circulated, and generally HP’s with NFC are in the middle class to Flagship smartphones.

Discussion on How to Activate the NFC Feature

It seems that almost all high-end smartphones have this feature, while the middle class is still diverse.

Some already support the NFC feature, and some have included the NFC feature.

Talking about NFC, this article only applies to those of you who already have a cellphone with the NFC feature. Why?

Because on this occasion we will discuss how to activate NFC on an Android phone.

To find out whether your cellphone supports NFC or not, please check the back of the Smartphone.

On some cellphones, the words NFC will appear in the section where the battery is stored, and generally the Sony Xperia Series has the letter “N” on the back of the cellphone which indicates that the cellphone supports NFC.

Without lingering, just take a look at how to activate the NFC feature below until it’s finished. Listen to the end yaa!

How to Activate the NFC Feature

1. How to Activate the NFC Feature

How to Activate the NFC Feature
How to Activate the NFC Feature

The steps for activating the NFC feature are two methods, here are the complete information.

A. Check in Settings

To activate NFC on Android, here are the steps you have to do.

  • Please enter the “Settings” or “Settings” section.
  • Then select “More Settings” or “Other Settings”.
  • There you will see the “NFC” option.
  • On some Android phones, this NFC option is found in the “Network Settings” or “Networks” section.
  • Go to the “Share & Connect” or “Share & Connect” section.
  • Activate NFC by sliding to the “ON” position.

B. Enable On Shortcut

The second way to activate the NFC feature is by directly turning on the NFC on the Shortcut at the top.

One position with settings to turn on “Mobile Data”, Bluetooth”, and other WiFi, how to do this by Swipe down and find the NFC menu.

NFC is not only used for data transfer between cellphones that already have NFC, on HP NFC also functions as a means of payment.

Also transfer the amount of e-Money card balance, access train or transportation gates and others.

2. NFC Functions on Rarely Known Cellphones

How to Activate the NFC Feature
NFC Functions on a Rarely Known Cellphone

After knowing how to activate the NFC feature on a cellphone, now we discuss some of the things that make NFC special? What is the function of NFC on a Smartphone?

Is NFC only able to check e-Toll balances and send data only?

Of course not and NFC is more than that, NFC is an important feature that unfortunately many users don’t know about the NFC function.

Not a few users who do not understand and do not maximize the NFC function, that’s why we will describe some of the functions of NFC that are not known to many people.

A. NFC Tags

NFC is a feature that allows a cellphone to be connected or connected easily with other NFC-compatible devices or can do work with only an NFC tag.

NFC Tag includes a link to use various features in NFC, this feature has been programmed in such a way that it comes with various functions automatically.

B. Opening Applications Automatically

NFC Tag allows you to add various functions, one of which is like opening a recipe application just by tapping on a cellphone with an NFC tag installed in the kitchen.

You can also turn on the music player only with your cellphone, you can even turn on the lights by just tapping the NFC.

In addition, you can call other people via their photos only if you install an NFC Tag on the photo, to use this feature. NFC is very vital role.

C. Tells the Position of a Place

NFC allows everyone including you to tell the position somewhere.

You can check-in using the LBS system or Location Based Service, just by doing NFC tags that are in various places.

Including when you visit a store, there you can use NFC to scan a tag that provides location map information to that store.

D. Carrying out Special Tasks

You can use NFC for a variety of complex tasks, one of which is to send a “Good Morning” greeting to friends.

All you need to do is program the NFC tag, so you don’t have to bother typing the message manually.

It is enough to set the program so that the NFC tag can run the program properly.

E. Making Payments

Another function of this NFC is as a method or NFC Payment, using this feature you can make payments easily without relying on cash.

F. Sending Data

You can also use NFC to exchange data, simply by pairing a phone that supports NFC with another phone that also supports NFC.

The final word

That’s the brief information that we can share with you about how to activate NFC on your cellphone.

Remember! How to activate this is not always possible for all cellphones, because each cellphone has a different appearance, depending on the brand of cellphone you are using.

You can share this article with relatives who may also need the tutorial.

That’s all our discussion in this article about how to activate the NFC feature. Thank you and hopefully useful.

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