How to Add Featured Photos on FB Lite Easy

How to Add Featured Photos on FB Lite — This time Tricks Area will explain to you all about how you can add featured photos in Facebook Lite. Therefore, if you want to know how, then please just follow the instructions we provide below.

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By using the featured photo feature in Facebook lite, you can show your friends on FB to see which photo you think is the best to watch. So, currently there are lots of people who want to be able to add featured photos on their respective Facebook profiles through the Facebook Lite application.

The explanation of how to add featured photos on Facebook Lite is as follows. You have to follow it carefully so that you can do it well.

How to Add Featured Photos on Fb Lite Easy

If you later manage to add featured photos on your Facebook profile then your profile will definitely look really cool. Therefore, if you are interested in trying it, then you can follow what we are about to convey.

How to Add Featured Photos on FB Lite
How to Add Featured Photos on FB Lite

Facebook lite is a lightweight version of the original Facebook app. There are so many features that are carried by Facebook Lite which are more or less the same as the original FB application. One of them is a superior feature.

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Let’s just look at how to add featured photos on fb lite as follows. Hopefully you can follow it properly. Don’t let anything go wrong. This is because the original guide is very easy.

Featured Photos On Facebook Lite, Here’s How To Add It

Just follow the instructions below.

  • Log in to your Facebook Lite.
  • Tap the three line button in the upper right corner of the cellphone screen.
  • Please enter your Facebook profile.
  • When you are on your Facebook profile, just tap Edit Public Details.
  • In column Superior Press the button + to add featured photo on your Fb lite profile.
  • Now you can select the photo you want to set as the featured photo, tap Next to go to the next stage.
  • Finally, you can add the title of the featured photo that you have created, then tap the Save button.
  • It’s over.

That way, you can definitely add featured photos on fb lite. Hope you can understand the steps.


That’s what we can say. Hopefully this is useful for all of you. Do not forget to practice directly so you know the results. Featured photos on FB will be very interesting after they are finished. Therefore, try it on your respective accounts.

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