How to Break Wifi Voucher Mikrotik 2022

How to Break Mikrotik Wifi Voucher

How to Break Mikrotik Wifi Voucher – Mikrotik is a software operating system commonly used to turn a computer into a network router.

Mikrotik can also be interpreted as an operating system that is included in the Open Source System category and is not free software.

The router itself is a piece of hardware that is used as an intermediary between two networks and what distinguishes it from Mikrotik is its features.

If you look at its meaning and function, it’s no wonder that Mikrotik is used as one of the simplest and lightest operating systems to use.

Therefore, it is very suitable to be used for computer network administration needs, for example building computer network systems on a large or small scale.

For this reason, making Mikrotik is often used in hotspot providers, ISPs, public internet cafes, online games and others.

No less interesting, Mikrotik also offers various facilities, such as hotspot for plug-and-play access, statefull firewall, bandwidth management, routing, remote Winbox GUI admin and others.

Discussion on How to Break into Mikrotik Wifi Vouchers

Mikrotik itself is known to have shortcomings in terms of security systems and must be considered if you want to use it.

This weak security system can be seen from the opportunity to break into wifi vouchers, guys.

In fact, currently many people are taking advantage of this security vulnerability to break into wifi vouchers so that they can be used for free.

The burglary process itself can be done by using third-party applications, guys.
Well, in the following, we will share how to break into the Mikrotik wifi voucher that you can learn.

How to Break Mikrotik Wifi Voucher

How to Break Mikrotik Wifi Voucher using the XAMPP Application

How to Break Mikrotik Wifi Voucher
How to Break Mikrotik Wifi Voucher using the XAMPP Application

The XAMPP application is a web server-based and open source software that supports a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Linux or Mac OS.

XAMPP itself is often used as a standalone server or localhost and can also break into proxy wifi vouchers, guys.

XAMPP itself is quite popular among hackers, because it can be used easily, but the success rate of the hacking process is quite high.

The way to break the proxy wifi voucher using the XAMPP application is as follows:

  • For the first step, please download and install the application via the following link (Download the XAMPP App).
  • Open the application after it is installed and create a fake login page.
  • After that, replace the default XAMPP dashboard page using the login page that was created earlier.
  • Hotspot users who are about to log in are not aware that two fake and real SSIDs are automatically displayed. When they are connected to the fake SSID, a login page that is planted on localhost will be displayed and the username and password will be stored directly on the fake localhost.
  • The mikrotik wifi voucher has been successfully broken into and is ready to be used, guys.
  • Because the embedded wireless can make it easier for you when changing the SSID, this method can be applied to the Mikrotik RB941-2nD.

The final word

That’s the way that can be applied, if you want to break into proxy wifi vouchers using the XAMPP application.

Please use this method or method wisely, so that no party is harmed.

If you install wifi at home and to avoid voucher theft using this method, you can use the Lock MAC Address setting, so that the voucher cannot be used on other devices.

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