How to Buy Electricity Tokens Through BCA Mobile

How to Buy Electricity Tokens Through BCA Mobile

The following is a guide on how to buy electricity tokens through BCA Mobile Banking. Anyone can benefit from the convenience of today’s technology, communication and knowledge. And you can get everything you want with just one tap. Including charging prepaid electricity tokens for those who don’t want to bother leaving the house to buy tokens.

Prepaid electricity is rechargeable electricity that requires an upfront payment method called a token system, which consists of 20 separate numeric codes that must be entered into the electricity meter. You can get this electricity token code by buying electricity tokens from online stores, conventional stores, to Mobile Banking.

The BCA Mobile Banking application, a service from BCA, also allows customers to purchase PLN electricity tokens, so there is no need to go to an outlet or store, instead, they can get electricity tokens as needed through the application.

How to Buy Electricity Tokens Through BCA Mobile

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to buy electricity tokens via BCA Mobile:

  1. Login to BCA Mobile Application
  2. Login to m-Commerce
  3. Login to PLN Prepaid
  4. Enter Meter No. / customer ID
  5. Click Send
  6. Enter the token amount
  7. Confirmation
  8. Enter PIN

1. Login to BCA Mobile Application: The first step is to open the BCA Mobile application from your cellphone, then login with your Access Code.

2. Login to m-Commerce: After successfully logging in, select the m-Commerce menu.

3. Login to PLN Prepaid: Under the m-Commerce menu, please select PLN Prepaid.

4. Enter the Meter No/customer ID: Then select No Meter/IDPE. Now enter the meter number or customer ID in the column provided. After that click OK.

5. Click Send: If the Meter/IDPEL Number has been entered, click the Send button in the upper right corner, details of customer data will appear, make sure the name listed matches the name on the meter number or customer ID.

6. Enter the Token Amount: In this step, select the nominal to be purchased by clicking on the nominal column. A popup screen will appear with several choices of electricity pulse nominal. Select the amount to be purchased.

7. Confirmation: After that a confirmation page will appear, check again whether the name, meter number, and nominal are correct, if you are sure they are, click Ok.

8. Enter the PIN: The last step is to enter your m-BCA PIN. You will see the token number details in the m-Commerce inbox. A PLN electricity token number will appear consisting of 20 numbers, as well as the Kwh of electricity received, according to the selected nominal. The purchase amount will be deducted from the BCA account balance and a bank admin fee will be charged.

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If you lost this token code, you can search for it in m-Commerce menu >> Inbox, open the most recent message.

That’s the tutorial on how to buy electricity tokens via BCA Mobile. Hopefully this article is useful for those of you who need it. Thank you for visiting and don’t forget to share it with your friends too.

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