How to Cancel a Paid Shopee Order

How to Cancel a Paid Shopee Order

How to cancel a paid Shopee order | Many online buying and selling applications are now available for use on mobile phones and computers. It is conceivable that there are many offerings available for various goods and services. In this case, the most striking thing is Shopee which can provide 24-hour support for clients when canceling online orders.

Online shopping at shopee is fast and fun, because almost all the items we are looking for are available and sold at comparable prices or even cheaper with prices that are generally in other stores.

We just wait for the seller to send the goods after we make the payment; the goods will arrive according to the estimated courier used and also depends on when the seller sends it.

Of course, shopping at a slow store, whether it’s slow delivery or a long response in chat, will be very inconvenient. Even though the items we ordered were really needed. Because the store is slow in delivering goods, consumers are so disappointed that they prefer to cancel orders and make purchases at other stores.

When we shop at Shopee and have made a payment, there are times when we think that the product purchased is not suitable or that another product is better at a lower price, so we try to find a way to cancel the order.

We can cancel orders on Shopee without having to wait for approval from the seller if it has not been paid. However, once the order has been paid for, we have to wait for confirmation from the seller. There are sellers who agree when the buyer submits a cancellation, but there are also sellers who disagree for various reasons.

How to Cancel a Paid Shopee Order

Here are the steps to cancel a Shopee order that has been paid for or transferred:

  1. Open the Shopee application, then select “I” in the lower right corner.
  2. Next select “Packed“.
  3. Then click the item / item that you ordered.
  4. Next click “Cancel Order“.
  5. Next page will appear “Reason“, there are 4 reasons displayed. Please choose one of the “Reasons” why you canceled the Shopee order.
  6. Select “Submit Order Cancellation” for Cancellation of orders that have been paid.
  7. Next click “Confirmation“.
  8. Wait for a response from the seller for 1 x 24 hours.
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After you submit an order cancellation at shopee that has been paid for, it all depends on the seller, you can contact the seller to immediately respond to the cancellation request or call the customer service call center number or Live Chat with the Shopee seller center when you buy the product.

If the cancellation of your Shopee order is successful, the transaction will be moved to the Cancel tab, and the payment money will automatically be transferred to your Shopeepay account, which you can use to re-shop or withdraw to a bank ATM account.

How to Cancel a Packaged Order

To cancel a packed order, you should do the following:

  1. Open Shopee App
  2. Click me in the bottom right corner
  3. Click on the item being packaged
  4. Select the order you want to cancel
  5. click cancel

Shopee Refund

Depending on the type of payment you made, Shopee refunds take a different amount of time.

  • If you pay by bank transfer, the refund will be processed once every 24 hours if ShopeePay has been activated, the bank account has been updated, and the refund criteria have been met, such as an appropriate or sufficient balance and monthly limit.
  • If you pay by credit card, the funds will be returned within 7 to 14 days, depending on bank policy. The funds will be returned next month if not returned this month. Therefore, it is advisable to check back with the relevant bank for more details.
  • If you use online debit, you will have to wait longer, which is 60 working days. Contact the relevant bank by showing your KTP and passbook for your convenience.
  • Akulaku: Takes 7 to 11 days.
  • Kredivo: Takes 7 to 14 days.

Seller Doesn’t Respond to Shopee Order Cancellation

What should I do if the seller doesn’t respond to my Shopee order cancellation? This is still a question, as the seller will in principle refuse cancellation if the conditions are not met. So, before you cancel, make sure you have a solid reason. In accordance with the terms of the seller. Alternatively, you can look for testimonials from previous buyers.

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Order Cancellation Policy on Shopee

Before you cancel an order at Shopee, there are several things that you must pay attention to when canceling an order at Shopee including:

  • Cancellation of orders on Shopee that have been paid for should be done at the request of the seller.
  • Give a reason because the item is out of stock or the seller will not process your order.
  • The limit for canceling an order at Shopee so that it can be processed is 1 hour after confirming a Shopee payment.
  • If the seller has sent the ordered item that you ordered, the order cancellation request cannot be processed.

That’s the review on how to cancel a Shopee order that has been paid for. Hopefully this article is useful for you, thank you for visiting and don’t forget to share it with your friends too.

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