How to Change Audio Output in Windows 11 (Speakers)

How to Change Audio Output Device in Windows 11

There are many differences between Windows 11 and its predecessors, some of them minor and others not. However, dealing with all of these changes, whatever they may be, will take some time to learn. Even the simplest of tasks can become too confusing the first time you make changes. Audio switchers fall into this category.

Being able to switch Audio Output in Windows 11 in an instant is very important, especially today. While most people abandon wired headphones and switch to wireless headphones, changing Audio Output is not as easy and intuitive as just plugging in/out of headphones.

If you currently hold virtual meetings frequently, the requirement to use an audio switcher becomes even more important. Don’t worry if you also find this something scary. In Windows 11, the audio switcher is very fast and easy to use, but slightly different from Windows 10.

How to Change Audio Output in Windows 11 (Speakers)

How to change the Audio Output device in Windows 11 is very easy. First, Click the icon “Sounds” in the notification area (right corner of the taskbar). In Windows 11, the sound, Wi-Fi, and battery icons are grouped together, so you can click on any of them.

How to Change Audio Output Device in Windows 11-1

Wi-Fi, Sound, Bluetooth, battery, and other settings will appear in the menu. Switch volume slider by clicking on the arrow next to it.

How to Change Audio Output Device in Windows 11-2

If you can’t open audio switcher from taskbar for some reason, you can switch Audio Output device from settings (settings). Open Windows 11 Settings app. You can also use hotkeys “Windows+i” System settings are displayed by default. To access sound options, go to “Sound“.

How to Change Audio Output Device in Windows 11-3

The first option is for the “Output” sound device. The available output devices are listed there. Select the device (speaker/headset/handsfree) you want to use by clicking on it.

How to Change Audio Output Device in Windows 11-4

We sometimes have to juggle various Audio Output devices connected to our computer. Windows 11 simplifies the process while keeping settings neat and simple.

Windows 11 is a new OS to be the successor of Windows 10 with many new enhanced features. Windows 11 also comes with an updated UI and lots of new widgets, action items, action center, new themes and wallpapers, better game features, and much more.

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While the new style has been a welcome addition in Windows 11, it has also confused some users. Naturally, when the UI is changed, there must be a relocation of certain elements. So if you are having trouble finding an audio switcher in Windows 11 then you are not alone.

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