How to Change Tiktok Tri Extra Quota To Regular Quota

How to Change Tiktok Tri Extra Quota to Regular Internet Quota- If you buy the Tiktok Tri Extra Quota package at *123#, then the package will be activated immediately after you have successfully purchased. As long as you didn’t activate it previously and have another quota package, so the Tiktok packages don’t collide. Because usually in many cases the Extra Tiktok tri quota is not active because it collides, because the user cannot set which package to use.

On one social media such as Tiktok, many netizens are busy hunting for the Extra Quota Tiktok Tri internet package, therefore will review the Extra Quota Tiktok Tri.

Provider Tri is one of the largest telecommunications service providers in the world. in Indonesia too many who use tri. Now when TikTok is getting more and more popular with the public, Tri provides a special internet service for TikTok, the name is Extra Tri Quota TikTok 2022.

Other promos from tri are also still widely offered for their users, if you want to choose a tri quota other than the extra tiktok quota, please enter Bima 3. then you will find various choices of the cheapest internet quota there.

This Tiktok Tri Extra Quota is only specifically intended to access the Tiktok application, but it is not uncommon for customers who want to change the quota to become the main quota.

Now for those of you who want to buy the Extra Quota for Tiktok Tri, it would be nice if you know the meaning of the Quota Tri Tiktok. This is more

Extra Quota Tiktok Tri is a free quota given by tri users in the amount of 10GB, which can be used on the Tiktok application. Of course this is good news for tiktok users and tri providers. This free tiktok quota is also a promo from the early tri in 2022, so make the most of it.

The time of this promo is only a few days, it can be said that it is quite long. If you are currently looking for a way to get free extra quota for tiktok tri, this is the right place. Of course you will be confused if you don’t know how. Don’t worry, I will provide the information in this article. Hopefully after reading this article you can figure it out. So you can immediately get the free quota.

In 2022, there are indeed many attractive offers from various operators such as Tri, Indosat, XL, Axis, Telkomsel and Smartfren. This promo is just a lure so customers don’t run away and switch to other providers.

It is possible that Tri is currently joining the tiktok service, which is often still number 1 among other social media, so this extra tiktok quota appears as an early year promo.

On the Internet, there are lots of tiktok lovers who want to use the tri quota to be used as an extra bridge to get free internet. Watch videos on youtube, instagram, twitter and even FB.

Now while the Tri Tiktok Extra Quota Promo is still on, hurry up and get this 2022 extra tri quota. Your Main Quota will not be cut off while watching TikTok, so don’t worry about buying and converting Extra Tiktok Tri Quota to Regular Quota.

For new customers who want to get an extra quota for Tiktok Tri 2022, you can immediately follow in our footsteps with the steps below.

Here’s how to get free extra quota for Tiktok Tri:

  • Please open the internet and click Bima+.
  • Then download the Bima 3 application.
  • Then open the application and register first.
  • If it says Extra quota for tiktok, it means you get free quota.
  • Immediately open the tiktok application and use it to watch videos on tiktok.

That way you can get extra tiktok quota. However, if you don’t get a free Tiktok quota even though you also use a tri card, it means you are still not lucky. Good luck, hopefully the tutorial I provide is easy to understand.

Now who is not familiar with the Tiktok application? The tiktok application is a social network from China that provides video and music media. The users are given free permission to make short video durations with a combination of music according to their wishes. Because it is video-based, customers need a large quota volume like streaming or playing IG.

This is the reason why our regular quota runs out quickly when accessing the application. However, this does not apply to users who activate the TRI card tiktok package. In general, you can register for the Tktok Tri Extra Quota package directly from the official application with varying prices and quotas.

However, on this occasion I want to focus on discussing how to change the Tiktok Tri quota to a regular quota. Why is that? the answer is because not everyone plays the social media platform. But in fact, the price of cheap TikTok packages can be a gap for free internet connoisseurs.

How to Register for the Latest TikTok 3 Quota 2022

Provider tri is known as one of the cellular providers that provides low prices. There are several internet package services that offer various choices to their customers. Such as cheap internet services daily, weekly, monthly and additional services such as access to youtube, Viu, Netflix.

There are also several internet package services that can be paid in installments four times a month. For the active period of the internet package, there are several packages that are quite good, namely the active period follows the active period of the SIM card.

To get this package, tri users can get it in several ways. Among other things, by making calls to the USSD number *123#. In addition, customers can also activate internet quota in the bima + Bagi application. This application can be downloaded on Google Play for Android users and can be downloaded on the App Store for iOS users.

Then is there a TikTok Tri quota? For more details, please see How to Register Quota TikTok Tri Latest below this. The following is a list of tri internet quota prices that you can use to use the TikTok application.

Only in Bima+

  • 5 GB = IDR 5,000 (1 GB internet + 4 GB night quota 01.00 – 09.00, valid for 1 day with automatic renewal)
  • 6 GB = IDR 35,000 (5 GB internet + 1 GB YouTube/Netflix/VIU, valid for 7 days)
  • 2.75 GB = IDR 10,000 (750 MB internet + 2 GB 4G internet, valid for 3 days)
  • 3 GB = IDR 14,000 (1.5 GB regular 24 hours + 1.5 GB night quota 01.00 – 09.00, valid for 3 days)

Hot Sale Package

  • 1.5 GB = IDR 15,000 (1 GB internet + 500 MB YouTube/Netflix + 20 minutes to all operators, valid for 7 days)
  • 8.5 GB = IDR 60,000 (8.5 GB internet + 100 minutes + 100 SMS + subscription
  • 3 GB = IDR 20,000 (2 GB internet + 1 GB YouTube/Netflix, valid for 5 days)

In addition to the above packages, tri also provides a tri tiktok package. Tri card customers can now access the special quota provided by this provider. This quota is specifically provided to serve those who like to play the Tiktok music video social application, but this package in 2022 is no longer available.

So that’s information about How to Register for TikTok Tri Quota and several other price lists for tri internet packages. For tri users, can take advantage of this quota. The method is quite easy, users just need to download the TikTok application on Playatore or Appstore and can play TikTok with Tri quota without having to use the main quota.

So to register for the TikTok Tri package, you can use the Bima+ application or dial the number *123# and choose an internet package from Tri according to your needs when playing TikTok.

Unlike other providers available in the application. For user 3, you have to physically buy a TikTok internet voucher at a cellphone counter near your house. However, for those of you who bought card 3 recently, you will get free quota with varying amounts depending on the type of sim card. You can get TikTok free plans between 2gb, 5gb to 10gb.

How to Change TikTok Tri Extra Quota Become the Main Quota for Free Internet

Do you have a bonus or subscribe to the extra tiktok card 3 package? if yes then use it. The tiktok Tri quota can be converted into a regular quota using the Psiphon Pro application. With this application you can use the quota for Instagram, line, browser, facebook, youtube and whatsapp. Below are the steps for changing the Tiktok Tri quota to a regular quota, which are as follows:

  1. The first step is to download the Psiphon Pro application on the App Store or Google Play Store. Or maybe you want to use Psitree Pro mod Apk here
  2. After that, open the Psiphon Pro application earlier.
  3. Then in the Disable Timeouts For Slow Network and Tunnel Whole Device sections a check mark is given.
  4. Select the country of Singapore in the Select Region section.
  5. After that click the More Options section and in the Sound and Vibrate section a check mark is given.
  6. Scroll down and look for Proxy Settings. Then in the Connect through an HTTP Proxy checkbox, a checkmark is given.
  7. Fill in the Header 1,, connection, X Online Host, Wap Three and Header 2 sections on the Custom HTTP Header menu.
  8. Then click back and enter the Home menu. Then click Start.
  9. Wait until the Psiphon Pro application icon color turns blue. The process of changing the tiktok quota to a regular quota has been successful.

What are you waiting for, register your tri card with the Extra Tri Tiktok quota and get free internet as long as there is still quota,

That’s how to register and use Tri Tiktok Extra Quota, hope it helps

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