How to Combine Photos and Videos in One Frame

How to Combine Photos and Videos in One Frame

This article describes how to combine photos and videos in one frame (frame). In status updates on social media platforms such as Instagram, Whatsapp (WA), Facebook, and Twitter, maybe you’ve seen frames that combine photos and videos. This frame is generally a short video usually made to wish someone a happy birthday or to convey news or facts.

An application is required to combine photos and videos in one frame or frames. Although there are many applications that can be used to combine videos and photos, we will use the application PicPlayPost in this example article, which is available for free on the Play Store for Android OS users.

PicPlayPost is the only app that allows you to combine multiple collages into one slideshow. In this app you can combine photos and videos and add amazing transition effects specially made to highlight your collages.

This application is not only free, it is also fast and easy to use, and the results can be directly posted on social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, and Youtube, and saved to our mobile memory.

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The feature of combining photos and videos in one frame is already available in this PicPlayPos application. As a result, this application is very easy to use and does not require special skills.

How to Combine Photos and Videos in One Frame (Frame)

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For those who are familiar with the application of frames or photo frames, this may not be a difficult task, but for beginners, this tutorial should be followed carefully and ideally put into practice immediately.

You just need to prepare the photos and videos that you want to combine before starting, and save them in your phone gallery for easy editing. Here are the steps to combine photos and videos in one frame:

  1. The first step is to download the application first. PicPlayPost can be downloaded and installed from PlayStore or from here.
  2. Open the app after it’s installed, then select the model or size of the frame/frame which you want by clicking on the selected frame/frame model part.
  3. Frames, Styles, Edit and Share are some of the options available at the bottom of the page. In the Styleyou can change the size and color of the frame (frame), and you can even create your own, while in the Edit, you can add music and change the volume. Apart from that, you can also activate Fade In and Fade Out, which acts as a neat transition at the beginning and end of the audio. There is no need to include music in this section if you want to include a music video in the image
  4. Don’t forget to save it when you’re done by pressing check mark in the top left corner.
  5. It’s time to choose photos and videos that will be included in the frame, click on the column frame/frame the place where you want to put the photo or video, then click on camera icon to add a photo.
  6. There are various types of image settings in this section, including settings for rotating the photo and enlarging or reducing the image to fit or fit the actual grid size of the frame.
  7. If you want to add video, click button video camera. When you add a video, different settings or settings will appear which will determine which part of the video will be captured. The maximum video duration is limited to 1 minute and a minimum of 15 seconds in this application.
  8. You can try it by pressing the button Play on the video, then tap Use in the upper right corner when finished, then click Preview to see the result before saving it.
  9. Once done, tap the button Share in the lower right corner, then select Gallery to save it to your phone gallery; if the quality popup appears, select Optimize Quality.
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Project results can be posted directly on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Vine, and Youtube, as well as sent via SMS and email.

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PicPlayPost is the first all-in-one video collage editing tool that provides you with a complete range of customization options to create amazing video collages for Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube and other social networks.

That’s how to combine photos and videos in one frame with the help of the PicPlayPost application. I hope this article helped you! Don’t forget to also share it with your friends if you find this article useful, thank you.

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