How to Create 2 Stores in Tokopedia 2022

Considering the large number of Tokopedia users, this Marketplace also provides features that benefit the Seller.

When you have opened a store and want to have one more store on Tokopedia, it is very possible.

Why is that? Because now you can use how to create 2 stores in one account on the Tokopedia Marketplace.

To create these 2 shops is not difficult, just like creating the first store where you only need to enter the details of the shop.

Becoming a seller at Tokopedia is indeed a good opportunity to start developing everyone’s online business.

So don’t be surprised if until now the interest in being a seller at Tokopedia is quite high.

There are even sellers who have more than one store with different selling products between the first store and the second store.

The question that many ask is, is it possible to have these 2 stores? Can I use the same ID card for verification?

Based on the experience of several sellers, a maximum of one ID card can verify 2 stores.

It’s just that the problem is having one device, because it can automatically only install one application.

Except if the device used is the Xiaomi Brand which can duplicate the App.

But this is not a big problem, because there are other ways that can be used without the need for additional applications or Dual App.

So that selling on Tokopedia becomes easier, and it’s easier to create 2 stores on Tokopedia.

How to Create 2 Stores on Tokopedia

1. How to Create 2 Stores on Tokopedia By Remembering the ID Verification Status

How to Create 2 Stores on Tokopedia
How to Create 2 Stores on Tokopedia By Remembering ID Verification Status

Before discussing how to create 2 stores on Tokopedia, please note that the Tokopedia Marketplace has its own policies.

In this application, you have a maximum verification limit for one ID card, which in one ID card can only claim two shops.

This means, if you have only one store and intend to open a second store, then your ID card can still be used.

KTP verification itself is very important to show store ownership, with verification you can also get free Power Merchant.

Therefore, before opening a new store, make sure that the maximum limit for your ID verification has not been used, OK!

2. The Easiest Way to Create 2 Stores on Tokopedia

How to Create 2 Stores on Tokopedia
The Easiest Way to Create 2 Stores on Tokopedia

The stages of opening a second store using one Tokopedia account are actually the same as the first.

For more details, please follow the steps on how to create 2 stores on Tokopedia below.

  • Please login to your account and click “Open Store”.
  • Next, fill in the completeness of your store such as Name, Description, Type of Delivery, Address and so on.
  • Upload a photo of the product you are going to sell, complete with the name, description, and price information.
  • Make sure the photos you upload are of good quality so that they can attract the attention of consumers.
  • This is very important because the photo will be the first thing potential buyers see.

To open a second store, this Marketplace provides a condition that the products sold must be different from the first store.

For example, if your first store sells clothes, try your second store selling other things.

  • Carry on! Verify the store using your ID card.
  • This verification process takes 1 x 24 hours until you get a notification from Tokopedia.
  • After successfully verified, then your shop can operate by getting a Power Merchant.

The final word

That’s the information we can share with you about how to create 2 stores in one Tokopedia account.

For those of you who are curious about how, please refer to the discussion above and follow the steps on how to make it.

Make sure you read the review until it’s complete with the steps, please follow it slowly and correctly. Good luck.

That’s all our discussion in this article about how to create 2 shops on Tokopedia. Thank you and hopefully useful.

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