How to Create a Calendar With Canva

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Here are the steps on how to create a calendar using Canva. Canva is an online graphic design tool website. It has lots of templates, fonts, and images that you can use for free.

Apart from that, Canva also has hundreds of free calendar templates that you can use to design your calendar. Many use Canva because it makes design easier.

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Canva is a website where you can customize various design templates for free (including calendar templates). You just need to have an account to get started and then you are ready to create your calendar design.

How to Create a Calendar With Canva

Here are the steps I used to create a 2022 calendar with Canva:

  1. Find calendar templates
  2. Change calendar color
  3. Calendar style copy-paste
  4. Customize calendar text
  5. Upload pictures/photos
  6. Download calendar to print

1. Find calendar templates

If you want to create your own calendar in Canva, the first thing you want to do is find a calendar template that fits your needs.

1. Open Canva and log in with your account

2. In the search field type: Calendar.

3. The search results of the calendar template will appear, then
choose template according to your wish.

4. After that click on the template. Here you will be taken to the Canva template editor.

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2. Change calendar color

Changing the color of the different elements takes a bit of thought and planning. For example: Let’s say I want to print a calendar, and to print it, I will change the background color to white or gray.

You will notice with this particular template that there are some foreground elements which are also white, which means they may disappear when we change this background.

So, it’s best to change these foreground elements first, to maintain the contrast.

To change the color of these elements, click on one so that the blue bounding box appears. Next, click the color icon in the top-left corner of the Canva editor.

By clicking on this icon, you can expand the color menu. From there, you can choose:

  • Document Color: These are the colors already found in your template.
  • Default Color: This is the color available for all Canva templates.

Choose a custom color with the New Color icon. It will appear as a + sign or as a colorful box at the top of the palette.

Once you decide on a color and apply it to the foreground elements, you can also change the background color in the calendar.

Notes: You can change the background color on a set of calendar slides at the same time by ticking the feature Change allwhich is located at the bottom of your color toolbar.

When you click on this option, it will change all the background elements of the same color to this new color that you selected. This is a quick and easy way to make your calendar look beautiful.

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3. Copy-Paste Your Calendar Style

Since we need to create 12 months, the way to quickly replicate the style is via the button Copy stylewhich is located at the top right of the editor.

This tool is great when you want to apply the same font, style or color to different elements in a calendar, but not necessarily to a group of elements at once.

To use this tool, click on the element that you want to change. Make sure the blue bounding box appears, then make the changes you need to make. Next, open the button Copy styleand click on it.

After that, click on any other element that you want to transfer this style to, make sure that you still have the Copy styles button enabled. Canva will automatically downgrade the styles.

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4. Customize Calendar Text

Once you customize the background elements in your calendar, you can also customize your text. The nice thing about Canva is that they have marked the days of the week that fall on each month number, so you don’t have to worry about entering these dates manually.

However, you can still go in and change the font style for these numbers. You can also change their color.

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To change the appearance of this date, click the number so that a blue bounding box appears. Go to the top left toolbar and start experimenting with fonts, font sizes, colors, and spacing.

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Tips: If you want to change the color of some text, but not all of it, highlight one word instead of all the text. Then go to the font color tool, then select the color you want to apply in your calendar design.

4. Upload pictures/photos

If you are not satisfied with Canva’s default calendar image design, here you can also add your own image or photo.

First, first remove the unnecessary elements in your calendar design. Then on the left toolbar select Uploads > Upload media.

Once the image is loaded, click or drag and drop it where you want it. Here you can also adjust the size of your photo or image.

Apart from photos/images, you can also add text into your calendar design. Just like when inserting an image, in the left toolbar select a text element, then click or drag and drop the type of text you want into the calendar design.

how to create a calendar in Canva

6. Download your calendar

Finally, your calendar is complete and ready for download. To print a copy for personal use, go to the button download, which is visible in the upper right corner of your screen. Then click on File type. Under File types, you will see a list of suggested file types to download

If you plan to print your calendar, select Print PDF. It is a standard file format that you can print on your printer. Once done, select the number of pages you want to print. Then click download.

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Here’s a tutorial on how to create a calendar in Canva. I hope this article helped you! Thank you for visiting and don’t forget if you find this article useful, please share it with your friends too.

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