How to Create a YouTube Video QR Code on the Web, Android, and iOS

How to Create a QR Code for YouTube Videos

Create your own QR Code for YouTube videos on web, Android and iOS devices. QR Codes are very useful for reaching people outside of your website or social network. This article will show you how to create your own QR Code for Youtube videos on web, Android, and iOS devices.

Converting YouTube video URLs to QR Codes helps people to open and watch your videos faster and easier. Instead of typing the full URL of your YouTube video, you can redirect directly to your YouTube videos when they scan your QR Code.

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This will help increase the visibility of your YouTube channel and can also help users to access tutorials, products or other videos faster.

Here’s how to create a YouTube video QR Code on the Web, Android, and iOS using some of the online sites and free apps that I’ll mention below:


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Mevie is an online site for creating QR Codes for free YouTube videos. You can convert your Youtube video URL into QR Code. Registered users can save unlimited videos. Unregistered user videos will be deleted automatically after 30 days.

Registered users can also change videos in QR Code later, set passwords, and add your profile. is a web application that provides the easiest way to generate QR Code. If you use this service, you will have the option to change the URL of the video later.

How to Create a YouTube video QR Code With Mevie:

1. To create a YouTube video QR Code with, simply copy YouTube video URL which you want to convert into a QR Code.

2. Now, open YouTube QR Code Generator from here. Then paste URL in options YouTube URLs and give the URL a title to recognize it later.

3. You can also add password if you want to keep the video secret or you can skip it by selecting Nothen click Submit to generate a QR Code.

4. Now, right click on QR Code to save it as an image and share it.

This application also has some drawbacks. QR Code will not open YouTube page directly. Instead, it will open the website with a YouTube video of your choice embedded in it.

Also, it can take anywhere from a minute to an hour for the QR Code to start working as Mevie has to create a custom page for your YouTube video.

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2. Flowcode

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Unlike Mevie, Flowcode provides more customization options and opens your YouTube video directly. Apart from that, it will also give you some basic insight on how many people opened the video, time duration, etc.

How to Create a YouTube video QR Code With Flowcode:

1. To create a QR Code with Flowcode, copy YouTube video URL and go to Flowcode website from here.

2. Here enter Flowcode name to provide identity and click Create.

3. Now select the option YouTube and paste YouTube video URL which you have copied earlier.

4. Now, you can customize the QR Code with different colors, patterns and can also add a logo in the middle of the QR Code.

5. When finished click Create and Download FlowCode.

6. It will open a pop-up where you can select the file type between PNG, JPG and SVG. This will download the QR Code in the format you choose.

In this Flowcode, you cannot edit video URL after generating QR Code. You need a pro subscription to do it. So once the QR Code comes out, you have no more options to change the QR Code that you have created.

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3. QR Tiger

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QR Tiger is one of the best apps to create QR Code for YouTube videos on smartphone. This app is ad-free and in its free version it provides most of the useful features.

How to Create a QR Code for YouTube videos With QR Tiger:

1. First, download the QR Tiger app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

2. Now, open the YouTube video and click the Share iconHere you will get the option to copy linktap on it.

3. Now open the QR Tiger app and select YouTube from the veranda. Then tpaste YouTube video link which you copied earlier and tap on Generate QR code.

4. Now, you can customize QR Code with different patterns, colors and logos. When you’re done, tap Download for free.

It will download the image to your device which you can view in gallery or photo app. If you are using Android, you can also try QRky app which is a new and even better UI than what QR Tiger has to offer.

Whether on a desktop PC or mobile, Flowcode works great for generating QR Codes. But if you don’t like it and just need a service that helps generate QR Code, then QR Tiger and Mevie are good alternatives to generate QR Code.

That’s a tutorial on how to create a YouTube video QR Code on the Web, Android, and iOS using several online sites and free apps. I hope this article helped you! Thank you for visiting and don’t forget if you find this article useful, please share it with your friends too.

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