How to Create a Zoom Meeting Link on HP and PC Devices

How to Create a Zoom Meeting Link – Zoom is a service video conferencing which allows users to have online chats by leveraging technology cloud computers and secure 256-bit TLS encryption. Zoom was developed by the company Zoom Video Communications, Inc. headquartered in San Jose, California, United States. Zoom was founded by former Cisco Webex executive Eric Yuan in 2011 and launched publicly in 2022.

How to make a Zoom Meeting link on a cellphone is quite easy and the admin will review it through this article. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, online meetings or online meetings have become quite common among the public. Starting from the education sector, government agencies, to several companies that run businesses.

So, with the rise of Work From Home (WFH), the popularity of the zoom application has increased quite a bit.

Due to limited contact and face-to-face communication, video conferencing is the choice. With video conferencing, employees and students can connect with each other, discuss, conduct meetings, and webinars so that work and activities can still be done. Although many obstacles occur, this is a new choice and culture that may continue to be used in the present and in the future.

To conduct video conferences, there are various platforms that can be used for free and paid, such as Zoom Meeting, Google Meet, GoToMeeting, Teams, and others. The most popular and widely used is Zoom because its features and needs are more complete than others. Zoom Meeting features Meeting, Webinars, Recording, Share Screen, and Zoom Room features. For more details, see the following understanding, features, and how to use Zoom;

Zoom Meeting

As we know, by using and sharing the Zoom Meeting Link, we can invite other participants to join the meeting room on Zoom, for video calls or video conferences.

By using the Zoom Meeting Invitation Link, of course joining a meeting room on Zoom, it will be more practical, without the need to enter a Zoom meeting ID.

Many people use this application as an alternative in running online meetings. Meanwhile, to be able to become an online meeting member through this application, you must obtain a link from the Host. In addition, you can also host the online meeting by creating the Zoom link itself.

Zoom App Features

There are a few things to understand and pay attention to when using Zoom. Some Zoom services have different functions and needs, such as Zoom Meeting for needs meeting online from anywhere. Zoom Webinar for the needs of Webinar Events such as campuses, schools, or institutions by inviting many people to participate. Zoom Room for meeting in different rooms with more complete functions and tools. Of these services, all have the following basic features;

Support Audio and Video

As a service video conferencingOf course Zoom support with HD (High Definition) Audio and Video. In a meeting, the need to talk and meet face to face is certainly very much needed, although on several occasions many users turn off the audio and video functions to maximize listening. In addition, speaking alternately will be better so as not to disturb other speakers.

Many Indonesian people are still in the lower middle class so that the use of video features is reduced more due to limited internet quota. Considering that the longer you use the video feature, it also has an impact on the internet quota that runs out quickly.

Screen Sharing (Share Screen)

In a meeting, sometimes users need to make a presentation to explain the purpose and intent. Most presentations are usually in the form of slides PowerPoint (PPT) to make it easier to explain. Well, Zoom yourself support with this kind of feature, where users can take advantage of Share Screen.

What is Share Screen? Share Screen is a Zoom feature that allows users to share computer screens, open documents, files accessed online (Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, etc.) to share a second camera. This feature not only works for document presentation, but more than that.

Scheduling (Schedule)

Before doing meetingan admin can create a schedule meeting first. This is so that users who will participate know and can get ready to take part. When making a schedule meeting, admin can set the date and time as desired. While for the limit meeting between 30 minutes – 14 hours. For the free version, admins can only have a time limit of up to 40 minutes, while the premium version has a longer time limit.


Speaking of security, every communication and data shared via Zoom will be encrypted using 256-bit TLS encryption security technology. Many media reports that Zoom is potentially unsafe. A lot of controversy happened, but Zoom continues to make improvements and developments so that all services and features are safe to use.


Zoom also brings a Chat feature so that users can discuss with each other when doing activities meeting or webinars. Interestingly, all the chats are stored in a history (history) so that the user can view it again. Users can also submit files, screenshots, and documents in the. All these files will be stored for 10 years, and after that time runs out, the files are automatically deleted from the server.


When doing meetingadmin can also record (recording) and save it on the computer. This feature is so important that every meeting what you do can watch it again or when other users can’t join can still see it. File recording automatically saved to the computer, but if the user wants to save to cloud then admin needs to do upgrade to a premium plan priced between $40 and $500.

For that, for those of you who are new Zoom users for the first time, who still don’t know how to create a zoom meeting link.

In this article, we will explain several ways to make zoom meeting links on Android phones and laptops/PCs.

Zoom meetings, which are currently increasingly popular, have made them one of the most effective applications for online learning or working at home.

In addition, with a link from the Zoom application, you can join online meetings more easily anywhere. The Zoom meeting link is a link that can connect you to the Zoom application when creating it.

With the Zoom meeting link, you can easily connect with other members who are both running online meetings in the same account. Through the Zoom Meeting link, you can communicate online with two to 100 users.

With Zoom, users can connect with each other, do meetingwebinars, chat, to have discussions in a channel. Zoom is an alternative to work and study remotely from many organizations and institutions around the world. OS support for the Zoom service is also very diverse, ranging from MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Web App, to extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox.

You can use the Zoom application on an Android or iPhone device. While the complete way to create a Zoom meeting link is:

  1. The first thing you have to do is download the Zoom Cloud Meeting application on your HP device.
  2. Then please register first by clicking the Sign In button.
  3. Then login using personal email, Gmail, Facebook or SSO.
  4. After you successfully enter the Zoom application, you will automatically enter the main page. To create a meeting, then tap “New Meeting”
  5. The next way to create a Zoom Meeting link on your cellphone is to do some settings, “Video On” and “Use Personal Meeting ID (PMI)”. Then tap “Start a Meeting” to be able to start the meeting.
  6. You have successfully created the Zoom Meeting link.

By successfully following how to create a Zoom meeting link on your cellphone, then you can then share the link with people who will be asked to attend the online meeting. The method is quite easy, namely:

  1. Please press the “Participants” button at the bottom of the screen. Then select “Invite” and click “Copy Invite Link”
  2. Or click the “i” icon in the upper left to get a meeting ID and password
  3. Then you can share the link or meeting ID and password via a chat application on your cellphone to other meeting members, so they can join the online meeting.

In addition to understanding how to create a Zoom meeting link on your cellphone, you can also easily create a scheduled zoom meeting link. This method has been practiced by many people.

The scheduled Zoom Meeting link is aimed at when someone will have a previously scheduled meeting, they can immediately share the link with other participants. The steps are:

  1. Download and install the Zoom Cloud Meetings application
  2. Then open the Zoom application on the cellphone
  3. Click on the Schedule button menu
  4. The next step, fill in the title in the top tab column
  5. Then set the date, time and other settings
  6. Then scroll the screen at the bottom and activate the Add to Calendar feature
  7. You can click the Done menu button at the top right of the screen
  8. To be able to change it, you go to the Meeting Details menu
  9. Then click the Edit option to change according to your needs
  10. Then click the Invite menu or Copy to Clipboard to get the link
  11. Then share the Zoom meeting link with other participants.

How to Change the Zoom Meeting Account Password on Android Phones and PCs

How to Change the Zoom Meeting Account Password, can be done quickly and easily via an Android phone and PC/Laptop. For those of you who use the Zoom application every day, for the purposes of meeting video calls or video conferences from school, events, work and business.

Maybe there are still those who don’t know how. For that, in this technical article, we will explain how to change the Zoom Meeting account password. Check out the following method:

Here’s how to change the password on zoom meeting hp:

  • Turn on your Android phone.
  • Make sure you have downloaded and installed the Zoom application on your Android phone.
  • Then run the Zoom application.
  • Then you log in to your Zoom account by selecting the button Sign In.
  • Next on the home page, you select the menu Settings in the lower right corner.
  • In the Settings section, you select your Zoom Profile account.
  • As in the image below.
  • After that, in the My Profile section, select Password Updatethen in the Update Password section, enter your old password.
  • Then the new password and enter the new password again to confirm.
  • If you have, just select the button Save. Later your zoom meeting account password will change when you start logging in.

That’s how to create a Zoom Meeting link on HP and PC that you can do practically. By using an Android device, you can take advantage of the features embedded in it and can support your online meeting activities

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