How to Create Events on Discord

How to Create Events on Discord

Here’s a guide on how to create an event on Discord. Discord’s “events” feature is a quick and easy way to host meetings, discussions, and even set reminders for work or personal events.

There are two types of events that you can create on Discord, namely voice events and non-voice events. Non-voice events are basically events that take place “Otherwise”. It can be through a text channel, in a physical location, or on an external platform.

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Meanwhile, voice events are verbal and/or visual events. This can be a vocal discussion, video meeting, screen sharing session, anything where you are doing a Live Broadcast.

How to Create Events on Discord

1. To create an event on Discord, first, launch Discord and open your server. Then, click the server name at the top left of the screen.

2. From the menu that appears, select “Create an Event”.

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3. Next, you will see a “Where is your event” box. Here, decide whether the event will be via text, on a physical location, on an external platform, or if it will be a voice/speak event on Discord itself.

Create a Voice event (Voice Event)

1. If you are creating a voice event, click on the radio button in front of “Voice Channel'”. Then, click the “Select a Channel” drop-down box and select the voice channel that will host the event. This can be a general or private voice channel.

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2. Once you have selected the event type and hosting channel, hit the “Next” button.

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3. You should now add the event details. Name the event in the “Event Topic” text box. To select an event date, click the calendar icon in the “Start Date” text box and select an event date.

4. To select an event time, click the “Start Time” drop-down box next to the “Start Date” box. Select the time the event will start on the selected date. Voice events only require a start date and time.

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Create an event for “Other Places”

1. To create an event that will take place elsewhere (other than voice/video calls or screen sharing on Discord), click the “Somewhere Else” radio button.

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2. Then, type a meeting location — a text line on Discord, a physical location, or paste an external link here. When finished, click “Next”.

3. To make the event private (in person or online), share the invite link on the private channel.

4. When meeting is set to “somewhere else”, apart from start date and time, you can also set end date and time.

So, in the “What’s your event about” box, enter the theme/event name in the “Event Topic” box and select “Start Date” and “Start Time” in the same way as described above.

4. Similarly, select “End Date” and “End Time” (by clicking on the “Calender” icon next to “End Date” and “End Time” drop-down boxes).

5. Now, describe the event in the “Description” box. If your event requires a cover image, hit the “Upload Cover Image” button. If not, click “Next”.

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How to Share Discord events

After the event is created, you have to invite members. If you are creating a public event, you will see a “Share your event” box with a “Copy” button after clicking “Create event”.

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You can now paste and send invite links to individual members.

Private events will not display the “Share your event” box after clicking “Create Channel”. To share an invitation to a private event, click the “events” button under the server name.

Find the private event in the “events” list and click the gray “Share” button with a link icon to copy the event invite. Now, paste and send the link.

That’s a guide on how to create an event on Discord. I hope this article helped you! Thank you for visiting and don’t forget if you find this article useful, please share it with your friends too.

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