How to Create Meeting Notes in Microsoft Teams (Meeting Notes)

How to Create Meeting Notes in Microsoft Teams (Meeting Notes)

This tutorial contains a guide on how to take meeting notes in Microsoft Teams (Meeting Notes) either at the start of the meeting or before it starts. Microsoft Teams has an advanced closed captioning system as well as a transcription feature which works if you enable Microsoft Voice for teams. Between the two features, you don’t need to manually record what was said in the meeting, but transcripts are not the same as notes.

Meeting notes in Microsoft Teams (meeting notes) are the highlight of a meeting. Texts and transcripts are useful, especially if you need to go back and check what was said or not said during a meeting, but can’t be used as a replacement for an old meeting. They are excellent tools to help users write better and more accurate notes for meetings but meeting notes are still more useful.

Microsoft Teams has a meeting notes feature. You can use it after you schedule the meeting and add the agenda or talking points to the meeting. You can also use it when you are in a meeting. Whenever an important item is discussed or something important is decided, notes can be created directly in Microsoft Teams. The notes are then made available to everyone who attended the meeting.

Microsoft Teams meeting notes are a great place to record and share notes before, during, and after meetings.

A few things to note:

  • Only people in the same organization as the meeting organizer can start or access meeting notes.

  • Meeting notes are available for up to 20 people. If the meeting has more than 20 people, only the first 20 people have access to the notes.

  • Only people who were invited to the meeting before the notes were created will have access to them. People who are invited later will not have access.

How to Take Microsoft Teams meeting notes When the Meeting Starts

To create Microsoft Teams meeting notes (meeting notes) when the meeting starts, follow these steps:

  1. Join or start a meeting.
  2. Click the more options button on the top bar.
  3. Select Meeting notes.
  4. In the column to the right, click Take Notes.
  5. You will switch to the main Microsoft Teams window and the Meeting Notes tab for the meeting channel will be selected.

  6. Click Add a new section and start typing.

PS: If you have enabled new meeting experiences, the notes will open in the main Microsoft Teams window but if you have not enabled new meeting experiences, the notes will open in the right pane.

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How to Create Microsoft Teams Meeting Notes When the Meeting Hasn’t Started

To add notes to a scheduled meeting, for example one that hasn’t started yet, follow these steps.

  1. Open Microsoft Teams.
  2. Open Calendars.
  3. Select the meeting and click Chat with participants.
  4. Now start adding notes.

PS: if you schedule a meeting directly on the channel, you will not see the option Chat with participants.

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Meeting notes are visible to everyone and once the meeting ends, are automatically posted as a link to the channel where the meeting is located. Notes can be accessed from the Meeting Notes tab. If you have regular meetings on one channel, all notes will be added to one note. Each meeting will have its own section but users are free to add additional sections whenever they need them.

That’s the tutorial on how to take meeting notes in Microsoft Teams (Meeting Notes). Hopefully this tutorial is useful for those of you who need it. Thank you for visiting and don’t forget to share it with your friends too.

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