How to Delete a Buzzbreak Account Simple and Fast

We discussed how to delete a Buzzbreak account. If yesterday we discussed about how to delete cashzine account so this time we will discuss something similar. Therefore, it’s a good idea if you all follow this article to better understand all of these things.

Buzzbreak itself is similar to Cashzine so you can earn money with just one app. But even so, even though there are now many Buzzbreak users, in fact there are also many users who want to delete their accounts.

You can read more details about how to delete a Buzzbreak account in our article to the end. Hopefully what we explain can be useful for all of you. The point is, I want to try it first and then make sure that the method we share is useful for you.

How to Delete Buzzbreak Account Quickly

BuzzBreak is an application that provides a series of news in the form of Indonesian and English that pays to its users. So by using Buzzbreak, you as a user can earn money. Even though it promises quite a lot of income, in fact there are many reasons why people want to know how to delete a Buzzbreak account.

How to Delete Buzzbreak Account
How to Delete Buzzbreak Account

It could be because the minimum payment is quite high while the daily income is not much, so many Buzzbreak users want to close their accounts permanently.

If this also includes you, then please read our explanation below to fully understand how to delete a Buzzbreak account. This guide is simple because basically in a Buzzbreak account there is no option to delete an account. So we will use an account that you use to register a Buzzbreak account.

How to Delete Buzzbreak Account

To delete a Buzzbreak account there are basically two ways that we offer, namely the first to try to delete it from the connected Google account and the second you can delete it from the connected Facebook account.

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For the sake of providing this short tutorial, we will explain to you one way of doing this because it will basically be the same. So you can try it without fear.

  • You can first log in to your My Google account.
  • You select part Security.
  • Then you can go to the connected third-party applications section.
  • Just look for the Buzzbreak account then please delete it.

In this way, the process to delete the Buzzbreak account is complete. You just have to try it and see how it turns out.


How to delete a Buzzbreak account can’t only be done by deleting the application. Instead we also recommend that you ask CS Buzzbreak via email. From there it will be very clear how the procedure to close a Buzzbreak account will be.

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