How to Delete an Easy Vtube Account

Today we will discuss how to easily delete a Vtube account. Although Vtube is a less secure application, in fact there are still many people who use it. Well, by chance, if you are aware of how terrible the Vtube application is and intend to delete the Vtube account, then we will explain to you.

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Basically remove the Vtube app from your app list then it doesn’t mean that you have successfully deleted your Vtube account. You have to go deeper in order to delete the Vtube account. The problem is the Vtube account delete button is not available. So is there a way to delete a Vtube account?

We will try to peel it below. Hopefully our views can give you a little direction so that you can clearly know the procedure for closing a vtube account. Yes this probably won’t work 100%. But we believe you can easily try.

How to Delete Vtube Account Quickly

Deleting account Vtube it’s hard easy. It’s not easy to close a Vtube account. This indeed seems to be intentional by the developers of this application so that users cannot delete their accounts. The reason is, data from ID cards and faces of users have been stored by Vtube.

How to Delete Vtube Account
How to Delete Vtube Account

We don’t know what the data is for because Vtube comes from abroad and is ready to be sold at any time. Then it’s true if you want to delete the Vtube account. Why? Because even though you have invited other people to become your downline, your income has not been disbursed easily. After all, it must be disbursed for only a few months. This is an MLM trick for a long time.

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Initially paid and continues to grow because each member believes that it is proven to pay. When it’s big, it will close instantly and there’s no notification whatsoever. This is the MLM trick in Indonesia since time immemorial. Therefore, for those of you who want to delete your Vtube account, we all give you a thumbs up.

How to Delete an Easy Vtube Account

We can only say that the procedure for deleting a Vtube account will be very complicated. It will definitely be a very long process. You can’t delete it easily. If you find customer support in the application, please use it to ask how to delete a Vtube account.

If it doesn’t exist, try sending an email to the Vtube app developer. The Vtube developer email is in the app description on the Play Store. Please send an email in English to inquire about the procedure for deleting a Vtube account.

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If you are not satisfied with the solutions we provide then you do not need to use them. These are just tips to be able to delete a Vtube account. Hope it’s useful.

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