How to Easily Create an Ebook in Canva

How to Easily Create an Ebook in Canva

How to Easily Create an Ebook in Canva | Whether you are an author thinking of publishing your own book, or an online business owner looking to use eBooks as a tool for marketing, you should not shy away from this wonderful format.

You don’t need a content writer or graphic designer to create an eBook. Canva makes it incredibly easy to create cohesive, visually appealing ebooks. And with templates and drag-and-drop tools, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t designed an ebook in your life. You can create professional looking ebooks that will catch the eye.

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When creating an eBook, you can just create a cover for your eBook or you want to create a complete eBook from start to finish. With Canva, you can do both easily.

How to Easily Create an Ebook in Canva

To create an ebook in Canva, go to the site

on your browser. Open the search bar and type “ebookGenerally, when you type a keyword in the search bar, one of the suggested options that appears below it is what you are looking for, and clicking on it will take you to the template for the desired category.

In this case however, the only suggested option that appears is “Ebook Cover“Instead of clicking on it, what you want to do is directly hit the enter key after typing.”ebook“.

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Now, this will bring up the templates for ebooks of all categories. Some of these templates will also have multiple pages, and one of these is the one we’ll be looking for. Even though you can create an ebook from scratch, starting with a template will make things easier and faster.

Hover over the template you like. If it has multiple pages, it will show them in the lower left corner of the thumbnail. If the template has, say, 4 pages, it will say “1 of 4 pages“, with a preview in the thumbnail itself.

Click option “Other” (three dots icon) and select “Preview this template” to preview it on the big screen. Or click “Use this template” to use it right away.

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The template will load in the editor. Although the template may not have many pages, but you can add it by clicking the button
+add page. By adding a page, you can use it for a cover page, most likely an Index page, maybe a back cover, and some pages with content (chapters and such). You can decide to remove or edit any page.

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Everything in the template is customizable. Let’s start with the cover page.

From text to images, you can change everything to make it your own. But you can also use the images included in the template itself. Note that if the image is not free, you have to pay for it. You can also use your own image or logo.

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The same goes for the rest of the page. There are tons of design elements in Canva, from images and graphics to fonts and filters – use them all when designing your ebook. You can also use vectors or quotes; the possibilities are almost limitless.

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But it’s also important to stick to a theme or structure, so it doesn’t look like a mix of myriad elements haphazardly put together. Each page of your ebook can be thought of as a separate design page, and you can design it like any other post type in Canva.

To increase the number of pages in your book, you can duplicate the pages and edit them as needed. For example, a book needs more pages with stories. So, in this template, go to the last page and click the button “Duplicate” to add similar pages. Your Canva ebook can have a maximum of 100 pages.

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When finished, click the “download” to download the eBook. Under the file type, select “Standard PDFUnder Pages, keep all pages selected unless you don’t want a specific page. Then, click the “Download” button.

That’s how to Easily Create an Ebook in Canva. Hopefully this tutorial is useful for those of you who need it. Thank you for visiting and don’t forget to share it with your friends too.

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