How to Easily Delete Canva Account

Want to know how to delete a Canva account? If so, follow our explanation so that you are clear about how to delete your Canva account. Canva is an application for editing images, templates and more. In Canva you can create a team and also subscribe to Canva pro. But if all of that becomes unimportant to you, we’ll explain a step-by-step procedure on how to deactivate your Canva account.

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The problem with deactivating your Canva account is simple. We will explain how below. Of course, you can immediately try deleting your Canva account. Don’t forget this tutorial is for free Canva only. So, only Free Canva Account users we are targeting with this guide.

Come on, let’s just listen to our explanation on how to delete / deactive Canva account as follows. Remember, you can delete your Canva account from the application or from the Canva Web Portal.

How to Delete Canva Account Easily

This method of deleting a Canva account doesn’t require anything because it’s only a Free Account. It’s different with Canva Pro and Canva accounts which have a team in it. If you are Canva pro, then you must first cancel your subscription to be able to delete your Canva account. The procedure is already on the official Canva website for canceling a subscription.

How to Delete Canva Account
How to Delete Canva Account

Meanwhile, if you have a team at Canva, the Canva account deletion procedure can only be done on the official Canva account deactive page by filling in the available fields. So, instead of discussing what maybe most Indonesians are only Free Account users, this tutorial will only discuss that.

Please see the step by step below regarding this. The hands-on practice will be very interesting if you want to know whether or not you were successful in deleting your Canva account.

How to Delete a Free Canva Account

For a Free Canva Account, how to delete the account is as follows.

  • Open a Canva Account.
  • Click the drop down menu at the top left.
  • Tap Account settings.
  • Next, you just have to tap Billing and Team.
  • On this page, scroll down to find the option Deactivate your Account > tap Deactivate Account.
  • You will get a confirmation message directly tap Deactivate Account Once again.
  • Finished.

This way you are logged out and your Canva account has been deleted. Remember, this delete process is irreversible. So all your work will be deleted too.

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That’s why we recommend that if you want to delete your Canva account, it’s a good idea to think about it once or twice. The point is to think again.


We think that’s enough tutorial how to delete a Canva account. Hopefully this method of removing Canva is useful for all of you. Don’t forget to try.

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