How to Edit Videos Using Google Photos

How to Edit Videos Using Google Photos

Here’s a guide on how to edit videos using Google Photos. The Google Photos app, which is probably the best gallery app for Android devices, has made a reputation for itself. These apps can do everything from providing unlimited free storage capacity to sync all your media assets across multiple platforms.

Plus, automatic categorization of people, pets and places makes finding specific objects easy. The ability to create collages, albums and animations is without a doubt the best.

However, many people do not realize that it also includes video editing features. Let’s take a look at these capabilities and how you can use this Google Photos app to edit your videos.

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How to Edit Videos Using Google Photos

In this guide, we will take a look at some of the amazing editing features of Google Photos. Along with that, step by step instructions for using the features are also included. Following are some of the features that will be discussed:

  1. Trim video in Google Photos
  2. Stabilize video
  3. Play your videos with the help of Google Photos
  4. Make a movie on Google Photos
  5. Share created movies

Now, let’s get started with learning how to edit videos with Google Photos

1. How to Trim Videos using Google Photos

1. Open the Google Photos App.

2. Go to the Albums section.

3. Select the Videos album.

4. Tap on the desired video of your choice.

5. Click on the Edit icon at the bottom.

6. Adjust the start and end of the slider to trim the video to the desired length.

7. Tap Save copy located at the top right.

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2. Stabilize Videos using Photos app

1. From the Google Photos app, open Albums.

2. Select the Videos section and tap on any video that you need to stabilize.

3. Tap the Edit icon located at the bottom.

4. If you only want to stabilize a certain part of the video, drag the slider between those parts. If not, leave it as is.

5. Click the Stabilize button. The process will start and may take some time depending on the video size and processing capabilities of your device.

6. Once done, just tap on Save copy to save the stabilized video.

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3. Play Your Video with the help of Google Photos app

1. Open the Google Photos app and select the Albums category.

2. Under the category, select the Video album.

3. Select the video that needs to be played.

4. As before, tap the Edit icon.

5. Select the Play button located at the bottom right. This will rotate the video 90 degrees. You can tap Rotate again to rotate it further by 90 degrees.

6. Finally, tap on Save copy to save a copy of the video playing on your device.

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4. How to make a Movie on Google Photos

Till now, we have covered the process by which you can edit videos using Google Photos app. But it also has other amazing functions that you may not be aware of.

On Google Photos, you can even create short movies with cool background music using this app. The procedure is quite simple, just follow the instructions below.

1. Once you have opened the Google Photos app, tap on the Assistant icon (the third icon in the bottom bar).

2. Now, click on the Movie option.

3. You will be presented with two options here:

  • Select one of the preset movies to which animation and background music have been added. You just need to add your images and videos in it. Google will then automatically create the movie for you.
  • But if none of the movies match your preferences, you might want to have your own custom movies. Luckily, there is an option for that too. Let’s see how this can be done.

3. To create your own custom movie, select the first option- New movie.

4. Select up to 50 photos/videos of your choice. Once done, tap on the Create option.

5. Next, adjust the slider according to the portion of the video you want in your movie.

6. Do the same for the image. This is required to select the amount of screen time you want to give to each photo.

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7. Next, you need to add music to your movie. Tap the musical note icon. You will be presented with three options:

  • My music – to add your own music.
  • Theme music – to add music provided by Google.
  • No music – silent movies!

8. Select the desired option. Google has a huge variety of music in various genres including Dramatic, Electronic, Reflective, Rocking, and Upbeat.

9. Once you have selected the desired music, just tap on the Tick icon on the top right.

10. Finally, click Save.

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Safe! You have successfully created a movie using Google Photos app. Continue to the next section to share this movie with your friends.

5. Share your newly created Movie

1. Make sure the Google Photos app is up and running.

2. Go to the Albums section. Scroll through the albums present on the top bar until you reach the Movies album. You can also do the same by typing Movies in the Search box.

3. Long press the movie you want to share and tap on Share icon.

4. Although you can easily share movies via WhatsApp, Gmail, etc. But they have a limit on the maximum file size that can be sent. It is therefore recommended to select the Create link option.

5. Once the link is created, you can easily share it with any app of your choice.

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That’s how to edit videos using Google Photos. I hope this article helped you! Thank you for visiting and don’t forget if you find this article useful, please share it with your friends too.

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