How to Enable Grid View in Google Meet

How to Enable Google Meet Grid View

How to Enable Google Meet Grid View | A Google Meet meeting can accommodate up to 100 participants for free. That’s why it often outperforms similar online meeting technologies like Zoom, which limits the number of participants and the length of the meeting.

Due to the huge participant capacity of Google Meet, it can be used for meetings with many participants; however, as the number of participants increases, it becomes increasingly difficult to tell who is speaking. The grid/grid view feature comes in handy in such a situation.

In Google Meet, the grid view displays videos or photos of people in a stacked pattern, allowing more of them to be viewed on the screen at the same time. Since you can see everyone or almost everyone in the meeting, it gives a more atmosphere”like roomThis grid display feature can accommodate 16 to 49 people.

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How to Enable Grid View in Google Meet

Online meetings that involve multiple interactions “face to face“, viewing all meeting participants in a grid/grid view can help you create the effect “round table“.

The good news is that setting it up is pretty easy and doesn’t require any admin intervention (users can set it up themselves). Here are the steps to enable grid view in Google Meet to show all meeting participants:

  1. Join in a Google Meet meeting.
  2. In bottom control barclick additional options (three dots button).

  3. From the menu, select Change Layout.
  4. select Floortile from the menu that appears.
  5. For adjust grid sizeuse slider in the below section.

  6. When you close the menu, the meeting participants will appear in the grid.
How to Enable Google Meet-1 Grid View

More Google Meet layouts

Grid settings work well for many users to create more realistic virtual meetings. Unfortunately, the grid display can turn into noise when it reaches 49 people, making it less effective.

There is not much that you can do to solve this but it is recommended that you explore other available layouts and check if they work better for you.

  • Automatic: Google Meet will adjust the layout based on the number of people in the meeting.

  • Highlight: speaker is highlighted and nothing else is shown.
  • Sidebars: Meeting participants appear as thumbnails in the sidebar.

Notes: if you choose to pin (pin) yourself or another speaker in the meeting, it can affect any grid or layout you use.

A grid of 49 people might seem too congested but for classrooms or other gatherings, it’s useful. Google Meet can be used for work and before, we’ve found all sorts of uses because it’s free to use, easy to set up, and links for meetings can be created ahead of time for everything. It makes it very easy to schedule meetings with all kinds of tools.

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That’s the tutorial on how to enable Google Meet grid view (grid view). I hope this article helped you! Thank you for visiting and don’t forget if you find this article useful, please share it with your friends too.

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