How to Enter Telkomsel Voucher Code Easy

Today we will discuss how to enter a Telkomsel voucher code. It turns out that there are still many Telkomsel users who are still having trouble with the procedure for recharging their Telkomsel number with a voucher code.

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The presence of the Telkomsel voucher has changed the habits of Telkomsel users, who usually buy regular credit or internet credit, must come to the counter and ask the seller for help. However, with this kind of voucher, Telkomsel users can enter the Telkomsel voucher code automatically.

The problem is, it turns out that not everyone who has bought a Telkomsel voucher can top up their Telkomsel number with the voucher code they already have. Therefore, we will try to guide you all in this regard. Hopefully you are not confused to do it.

How to Enter Telkomsel Voucher Code Fast

Basically, entering a Telkomsel voucher code or other provider is not as difficult as you think. This is because when you buy a Telkomsel voucher, the guide on how to top up your Telkomsel number is already listed on the voucher you purchased. But few people read it.

How to enter Telkomsel voucher code
How to enter Telkomsel voucher code

Yes, sometimes there are vouchers that don’t include how to use them. That too is a very minor problem. Therefore, try to look closely around the Telkomsel voucher that you bought. It seems there must be a procedure to enter the Telkomsel voucher code.

If you are someone who is lazy to read, try checking below how to enter a Telkomsel voucher. Hopefully it can lighten your load at this time. Don’t forget to try it right away because this explanation is very easy. We think it will not be difficult for you.

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How to Recharge Telkomsel Number with Voucher Code

For those of you who want to enter a Telkomsel voucher code, you can try the steps below.

  • Make sure the phone is on.
  • Number Telkomsel You are also still active.
  • Then access the app Calling.
  • Dial code *133*12 digit Telkomsel voucher code# then tap call.
  • Finished.

With our explanation above, you already understand how to enter the Telkomsel voucher code. Please try. Follow the dial code exactly.


That’s our explanation about how to enter Telkomsel voucher code. Hope it is useful.

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