How to Exchange Cashzine Coins with 2022 Credit

Previously, we also had difficulties because we didn’t know how and were afraid of making mistakes when entering the destination for sending money exchange.

If this happens, the money might disappear and be sent to someone who knows where.

For those of you who are having trouble exchanging Cashzine coins, now you have visited the right article.

Because on this occasion we will try to share with you how to exchange Cashzine coins with the latest credit or cash. Listen to the end yaa!

How to Exchange Cashzine Coins With Credit

1. How to Exchange Cashzine Coins with the Latest Credit or Cash

How to Exchange Cashzine Coins With Credit
How to Exchange Cashzine Coins with the Latest Credit or Cash

The Cashzine Code Indonesia application is an information medium in one application for reading news and watching videos as well as giving prizes to attract reading interest.

This application has been updated so that it is suitable for Indonesian people who like to read news.

What are you waiting for, let’s try the application now and collect coins so that later they can be redeemed for real money prizes.

For how to exchange Cashzine coins for credit, you can immediately follow the steps we have provided below.

  • First, please enter the Cashzine invitation code “2063809” in the “My Invitation Code” column to get 800 coins instantly.
  • Then open the Cashzine application and press the words “Me”, then select “Withdraw Balance”.
  • If an ad appears after pressing the button, please wait until the ad is finished and you can see at the bottom that the ad time is 14 seconds.
  • After the ad is finished, press the X to close it.
  • For the exchange itself, there are two ways, namely, DANA and Bank Transfer.
  • If you use the exchange via DANA, please click “Dana” and select the exchange you want.
  • In the redemption agreement, please select “Agree”.
  • Enter your DANA ID twice, what is meant by DANA ID is the phone number you registered, use your DANA application.
  • When finished press “Redeem” to exchange it for the balance of the Fund.
  • While exchange via Bank select the words “Bank Transfer” Continue by selecting the amount you want to exchange and select “Agree” in the redemption agreement.
  • Enter your “Account Number” which means your Bank Account Number which will be the recipient of payments from Cashzine.
  • For the account name, please adjust it with the name listed on your Bank Account account, when finished press “Redeem”.
  • The disbursement process itself takes up to a week based on personal experience.
  • After you exchange coins for money, credit or fund balance, your total balance will decrease.
  • To view the history of coin redemption, you can look in “My Cash Out”.
  • Done and good luck!

The final word

That’s information about how to exchange Cashzine coins for money, credit or DANA balances that you can use.

For those of you who want to make a withdrawal for the first time, please refer to the review above and follow the steps we provide.

As we explained, the disbursement process takes a long time so you need to wait.

That’s all our discussion in this article about how to exchange Cashzine coins for pulses. Thank you and hopefully useful.

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