How To Find & Get Wild Boar In Genshin Impact

How To Find & Get Wild Boar In Genshin Impact

This article will help you how to find wild boar in Genshin Impact and how to get unlimited meat.

The wild boar is one of the most common creatures seen roaming the world of Genshin Impact. While inexperienced players may believe that wild boars are just for decoration.

Killing these creatures allowed them to obtain raw meat, which was needed to make the best Genshin Impact dishes to increase battle stats.

Boar Locations in Genshin Impact

The wild boars of Genshin Impact can be found all over Teyvat. They tend to congregate and roam in grassy areas. You just need to know the best Genshin Impact hunting ground for this animal.

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Best location to find Genshin Impact wild boar

The best place to find the Genshin Impact wild boar is Brightcrown Canyon. There is an area called Boar Bell, near Stormterror’s Lair in Mondstadt, where dozens of wild boars can be found.

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In addition, the respawn areas of the Genshin Impact wild boar also include Springvale and Liyue. In addition to Brightcrown Canyon, players can head to these places and shoot them down:

  • Springvale Forest
  • Windwail Plateau
  • world of wolves
  • Dawn Winery

To kill a boar, it is recommended to use a bow with charged bullets, as they often scatter when you get too close.

In this scenario, Venti, Fischl, and Ganyu are the most recommended. You will get two pieces of raw meat if you kill a pig.

If you don’t have time to hunt wild boars, you can use the following methods instead: send characters on Wind Expeditions, buy wild boars from Chubby (Serenitea pot peddler), or buy raw meat from Draff in Springvale.

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How to find Boar King Genshin Impact

The wild boars in Genshin Impact are scattered around Teyvat, but finding Boar King Genshin Impact is more difficult.

The true Dragonspine King was the Great Snowboar King. As a result, these minibosses and special enemies can be found in Dragonspine, east of Entombed City – the Ancient Palace. Look south for the term “Ancient” on the map for a better view.

You can get a lot of raw meat after defeating the king of the wild boar because it is also a part of “Fresh Meat!” World Search.

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How to get unlimited raw meat in Genshin Impact

In Genshin, the strategy that is often used to find raw wild boar meat is to use the impact hunting area.

Did you know that in just one hour, you can collect around 4000 pounds of raw meat. For extra meat, follow this method.

1. Unlock the Quest “Return of the Jade Chamber”

Note that this quest will be playable once you complete Ganyu’s Story Quest which was added back in version 1.2 update.

2. Play the quest until prompted “Chase the boars”

Players will be asked to chase some wild boars and drive them out of the area in the middle of the “Return of the Jade Chamber” quest. You have to fill three yellow circles on the map to complete the objective. However, only approach two circles and move away from the third.

3. Invite friends when they are in the right location

By standing in this place, other users can join your world and help you hunt wild boars. You can open the world for Co-op or enable “Allow Direct Join” in settings to make things easier.

4. Ask friends to kill all the boars, then return to single player mode

Have your friends defeat all the wild boars in the region as soon as they arrive in your territory.

Use the menu to return to single player mode and get rid of your friends once all the animals are killed. However, do not pick up Raw Meat that is on the ground; but, let it go.

5. Ask your friends to come back and kill more wild boars

Have your friends come back and fight the boar one more time now that you’re back in single player. The wild boars would also reappear now that they were back, waiting to be killed.

After you kill all the boars, disconnect and repeat the process until you get enough Raw Meat. Collect materials after you are done with bugs.

If done correctly, players would be able to earn up to 4,000 Raw Meat per hour, saving a lot of time compared to common methods.

That’s how to find wild boars in Genshin Impact. I hope this article helped you! Thank you for visiting and don’t forget if you find this article useful, please share it with your friends too.

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