How to fix blurry photos to be clear and bright without an app

How to fix blurry photos to be clear and bright without an app

Content in the form of images and videos is now very easy to create, store, and document. Not only that, photos and videos can be easily modified according to your preferences.

Editing photos and videos requires special knowledge. Photoshop, or CorelDraw is one of the most trusted photo editing programs; However, not everyone knows how to use it.

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But, with today’s technological advancements, you can now fix damaged or blurry photos to be clear and bright without requiring any editing skills. Even without the need for any application.

So, how to fix blurry/damaged photos to be clear and bright without using special applications or software? Read this article to the end yach.

How to fix blurry photos to be clear and bright without an app

  1. Open your browser, then visit the site
  2. After the site is open, on the menu Hotpot APIselect AI Tools
  3. After that select Picture Restorer
  4. Now on the new tab that opens, upload your photo or image which you want to fix from your PC/mobile by pressing Upload buttonafter that click Restore
  5. The photo or image that you uploaded earlier will now be processed, wait for it to finish
  6. After photo processing is complete, a button will appear, namely Download and Print Files. Press Download button if you want to download photos and press Print File button if you want to directly print images from this site.
  7. Finished.

Besides being able to be used to fix blurry photos into clear and bright HD, this site can also be used to:

Colorize Pictures: This Hotpot AI feature analyzes black and white images and converts them into realistic color photos. This feature builds on the excellent DeOldify project and applies exclusive advances based on the latest techniques in deep learning, a subfield of machine learning.

Background Remover: This Hotpot AI service removes the background from the image. By using advanced object segmentation models to determine the location of important foreground objects such as people or cars. Then separates the object from the background with alpha masking and applies the finishing touches to ensure the smoothest result.

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Graphic Enlargers: This feature serves to increase the resolution of images, game assets, and other raster graphics without compromising on quality. Most images store data in a rigid and inflexible format, which causes distortion when scaling up. With this type of graphic, the only way to increase the resolution is to estimate from the original and predict how the larger image will look.

Color Generator: In this feature, hotpot ai helps you brainstorm colors for palettes, gradients, backgrounds, text, and more. The idea came from a combination of AI and color theory.

Icon Creator: In this feature, you can browse graphics for App Store screenshots, Instagram posts, MacBook mockups, game assets, and more. Customize 5,000+ icons from Material Design, Feather Icons, and the Hotpot community.

That’s the tutorial on how to fix a blurry photo to be clear and bright without an application. Hopefully this tutorial is useful for those of you who need it. Thank you for visiting and don’t forget to share it with your friends too.

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